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Our Approach

The customer path to purchase is complex, and brands are struggling to deliver a seamless advertising experience. We must know everything we can about a person to ensure we are delivering the right message, at the right time, and on the right screen. Data is the root of our success in understanding who we are communicating with and their preferred communication methods. Our approach is to better predict intent behaviors, as opposed to chasing intent behaviors. We believe data, transparency, unified technology, and expertise set our success apart.





Connectivity to Retail


Fully Integrated Solutions


Proprietary Data Points


Proprietary Data Management Platform


Cross-Device Approach


  • Consumer Path to Purchase
  • Unified Technology for Granular Insights
  • Cross Device Measurement
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • 1st Party Data Activation
  • Full Digital Channel Strategy
  • Audience Strategy
  • Attribution
  • Digital Video
  • Dynamic Creative

Customer Activation Channels

  • Video
  • Display
  • In-App
  • Mobile
  • PMP
  • Native
  • Cross Device
  • Display Email
  • Direct Email
  • GDN

Our Process

Adlucent uses a programmatic approach across multiple creative formats and screens to reach your highest valued customers. Once an accurate customer profile has been developed, we'll increase conversions for your known customers and also apply this new information to look-alike audiences to capture a greater market share of high value customers. And with any ad program, proper attribution ensures that we’re not only investing the right spend, but that we’re also able to predict future performance. Through our advanced analytics platform, we’ll measure the impact of your ads across all channels and devices so you can see the full picture of campaign performance in one simple dashboard.

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