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model-driven planning™

An incrementality testing program to scale your performance.

Optimize spend across channels

Perfect attribution is hard. And with the combination of shifting consumer demands, and the difficulty to accurately attribute media spend, marketers are challenged to make decisions around channel and media mixes without quality data.

Model-Driven Planning™ helps you:

  • Determine the right channel and media mix
  • Invest your marketing budget efficiently
  • Save time and money on other complex measurement solutions


direct commerce sales attributed


offline sales influenced


Pairing human insight + proprietary tech to crush our shared performance marketing goals.

A roadmap for growth

We develop a strategy for testing optimal spend across channels, using your first party business data. This begins with identifying your key objectives, mapping business goals to scaling benchmarks over a pre-determined time period of work, and setting up data ingestion.

Suite of AD testing

Our tri-test approach measures the impact of media with little disruption on overall account performance. We analyze and split spend in the desired testing channel into three groups, performing hold-back and scale-up testing at the same time. It’s a win-win: you understand incrementality, with low opportunity cost.

Measure + scale

Get results, analyze and tweak — with our help — on an ongoing basis. Adlucent data scientists detail out where to make spend adjustments and how to optimize your media for maximum efficacy.

Scale your marketing, efficiently

We tailor our tech-centered approach to your exact goals and needs, every time. 
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planning that works overtime

Strategies for testing your optimal cross-channel spend, using first-party data and based in your real goals.

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Reduce acquisition costs

Set and scale your bidding over time based on the right outcomes for your business goals.

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Measure incremental impact

See what’s working — and on which channels — down to the tiniest detail to perfect your approach over time.

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Budget effectively

Adlucent’s tri-test approach measures impact with little performance disruption on — and a low opportunity cost to boot.

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informed strategic shifts

No more throwing darts at the wall, thanks to the detailed support of Adlucent data scientists.

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ultimate scalability

Whether you’re working with one SKU or 1 million, we’ll take your digital performance marketing to the next level.


A global ecommerce marketplace client builds a program of experimentation



Our global ecommerce marketplace client wanted to understand whether spending more on Google Shopping would increase incremental topline revenue.



Using the brand’s internal revenue data combined with their paid search spend from Google, tests were executed to gauge incremental top-line revenue lift and achieve ad campaign optimization.



By spending 3x more in the experiment groups vs control groups, a 3x incremental lift in top-line revenue was observed versus the last click attribution the brand was originally reliant upon.


Actions taken

Since Google Shopping drove more revenue than was previously being attributed for this brand, budget investment was increased, and additional experimentation continued to test more facets of the company’s paid media.


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