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Be Seen by Your Most Valuable Customers, When and Where It Matters Most

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Our Approach

The foundation of a successful digital advertising program is an optimized product feed. Without one, brands waste countless dollars serving the wrong ads, or no ads at all. Adlucent helps brands ensure they’re being seen by their most valuable customers – no matter where they are – with its feed management solution. By bundling feed management with digital advertising services like paid search, paid social, and product ads, you’ll have the luxury of a fully optimized program that can be managed in real time.


  • Data Compliance
  • Product Attribute Editing
  • Query Funneling
  • Query Negation
  • Granular Account Structures
  • Feed Recommendations

Our Process

To get the most out of your advertising, we believe product feeds and ads should be managed by the same team, not in silos. After taking over an account, we start by implementing our 62-step feed optimization process. The clean feed is then passed through our Deep Search™ technology before being syndicated to relevant channels. This allows our technology to continuously monitor the feed for improvement opportunities. And, we are able to create rules-based optimizations customized for each client. Our account team is alerted when an adjustment is needed and the change can be made within Deep Search in real time. Any changes we make are directly processed in Google's API, so we don't have to wait on syncing or other systems.

With this approach, we save valuable time that’s otherwise wasted on troubleshooting and see an immediate impact on product performance. Housing data from multiple channels in one place allows us to audit our shopping performance and pinpoint opportunities for success. We syndicate feeds across Google and Bing merchant centers, Amazon, Criteo, ShopStyle, AOL, Rakuten, SundaySky, Domo, and more. Many Adlucent clients have over a million SKUs, and even as many as 100M SKUs that we manage.

Or Work

Client Spotlight

Massive Off Price Retailer Grows PLA Revenue by Nearly 4X After Feed Optimizations.

A major off price retailer with over 375 stores across the US was hoping to grow sales through their Shopping program. After taking on the account, our team noticed the client’s product feed was in need of a complete overhaul. To ensure the retailer was showing a product for all relevant search queries, we created more robust product feed attributes. By expanding and optimizing product titles, traffic grew. Because the brand has a constantly changing product catalog, we leveraged our Deep Search technology to make real-time changes to the product feed.

Within the first few weeks after Adlucent began optimizing the retailer’s program, we saw an immediate lift in CTR, traffic, and revenue. Adlucent’s PLA strategy led to even greater returns for the retailer over time, quadrupling traffic (4x) and increasing revenue by 3.7x by the end of the quarter.

major retailers new pla strategy before and after

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