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Weekly News Digest on COVID-19 – 04/24/20

Posted by Maureen Lomo on April 24, 2020

As the disruption to daily and business life continues, staying knowledgeable about how coronavirus is affecting ecommerce and digital marketing is imperative for retailers and brands alike. Due to the fast-changing situation, we’re sharing weekly updates of relevant news surrounding COVID-19. To stay in the know as we publish these digests, sign up for the Adlucent newsletter.

Transforming Your Paid Search Campaigns in the Era of COVID-19 – Adlucent

Adlucent discussed the industries most affected by the crisis and the ways that digital marketing and paid search advertising can aid companies in retaining their place in the market, bringing in new consumers, and fostering customer relations during this time. 

The dine-in restaurant industry, as well as businesses in travel and hospitality and personal care services, have all had major declines since the pandemic hit. However, non-profits, the medical industry, online media, and education platforms have seen notable increases. 

For affected companies, renewing paid search campaigns with tips provided in the article can help: 

  • Revisit the creative, messaging, and business information on campaigns to ensure they are in line with the current market situation. 

  • Monitor and review campaign automation such as bid modifiers, volatility alerts, Smart Bidding algorithms, etc. and adjust them to the rapidly changing circumstances as required.

  • Keep in mind that search habits have changed to reflect social distancing and stay-at-home orders.

  • Understand how the shift to online communities and deepening social engagement will affect digital marketing. 

  • Adjust to the future by utilizing Adlucent tools like Deep Search. 

It’s Now Free to Sell on Google – Google

Online sales have become a lifeline for retailers negatively impacted by COVID-19. Still,  many lack the ability to sell at scale to take advantage of Google’s hundreds of millions of daily searches. However, beginning next week, Google will implement a way to help by offering free product listings on its Google Shopping Tab for retailers regardless of whether or not they advertise with Google. The change benefits both shoppers and retailers by providing more options for shoppers and free exposure for retailers. Furthermore, advertisers can augment existing campaigns with free listings without changing anything. Finally, to facilitate the merchant (and shopper) experience, retailers can link accounts with Google’s new partner, PayPal.

DTC Brands Are Partnering Up to Create Communities (and Save on Customer Acquisition Costs) – Modern Retail

Several DTC brands are creating communities as a means of low-cost customer acquisition and visibility. The strategy has been used before, but now several companies are uniting around a coordinated marketing strategy, according to experts. This month, three community concepts with varying means of implementation launched. One, Staycation by Maude, began as a physical popup but navigated online with an alliance of brands for a stay-at-home guide. The other two collective platforms, Take Care Market (centered around hobbies) and Elliot’s Virtual Mall, also debuted. The new community approach has received positive feedback, but some retail specialists question its longevity beyond the pandemic.

Five Tips for Delivering Superior Customer Experience During the Crisis – RIS

The massive disruption to daily life has drawn consumer focus to delivery service and online shopping. RIS gives five tips on how, within this change, brands can (and should) still focus on delivering quality customer service and experience.

  • Continue engaging with and listening to consumers via surveys, informal feedback on social media or websites, and even through live streams.
  • Draw attention to new present-day services by highlighting online storefronts or current virtual and delivery service options that address consumer needs and concerns. 
  • Remember customer lifetime value by being flexible with policies, fees, and payment plans to enhance goodwill and brand advocacy post-crisis.
  • Customer experience and safety are intertwined. Measures that assist in a healthier retail environment (social distancing markers, sanitization, contactless payment options) all help enhance the customer experience.
  • Keep employees in mind by utilizing the provisions in the CARES Act to help ease employee and business financial concerns.

‘This is a permanent shift’: Retail Giants Like Amazon Capture More Ad Spending – Digiday

Huge retail and grocery media channels like Amazon, Target, and Walmart are capturing a large portion of ad dollars from the areas of consumer packaged goods, personal care, pharmaceuticals, clothing, and electronics. In the past, retail media had been growing as Target and Walmart tried to catch up with Amazon. Still, the trend has accelerated as consumers, unable to find what they need on Amazon, navigate to other online marketplaces. Furthermore, the shift may be permanent and potentially giant, as noticed in the change in consumer shopping habits. Specifically, 75% of customers are moving their physical purchases online to places like Amazon and Walmart, as reported recently by Kenshoo. 

The above overview highlights this week’s important ecommerce news related to COVID-19. Visit the Adlucent website for ongoing information on the current situation.

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