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Weekly News Digest on COVID-19 – 04/3/20

Posted by Maureen Lomo on April 3, 2020

As the nation enters month two of managing the fallout of COVID-19, Adlucent remains committed to helping our partners pivot and adapt. Staying on top of the crisis and its effect on the ecommerce world is imperative for retailers and brands. In light of the rapidly changing information, we’ve outlined the past week's most important ecommerce news related to coronavirus. If you’d like to be notified as we continue to share relevant content, sign up for the Adlucent newsletter.

Facebook Launches New Messenger COVID-19 Community Hub to Highlight Key Connectivity Tools - Social Media Today

Facebook launched Messenger COVID-19 Community Hub to help communities and groups stay in touch and share valuable information during lockdowns. The tool will also include specific knowledge areas for parents, educators, businesses, health organizations, etc. Also, the hub has instruments to help government health organizations and agencies communicate during a crisis. Since Facebook and other platforms have become “hotbeds” for scams and hoaxes, the hub can help weed out false content and curb the spread of misinformation.

Navigating Coronavirus: We’re In It Together - LinkedIn

Linkedin has created a virtual hub of  COVID-19 related information. The site can help job seekers find COVID-19 related employment or volunteer opportunities. There are also tools to help employers. Organizations hiring critical staff can partner with Linkedin. The platform has waived the posting fee and is also offering a way for partners to work together online. Furthermore, Linkedin will offer Linkedin Talent Insights free for the next 3 months for the healthcare industry. Finally, the hub has resources like news, newsletters, live shows and tips to help the working world navigate and stay informed.

When Your Client Pauses Ad Spend - AdExchanger

Brands in travel, hospitality, physical retail, and live entertainment, either slowing or shutting down, are pausing their ad spend during the COVID-19 crisis. In turn, this affects the regular duties of their media agencies. For example, to help specific clients, Adlucent devised a strategy for brands to create promotions to sell essential supplies at discount, resulting in more orders and allowing companies to be supportive of their customers. In the short-term, many agencies have focused on updating client websites and apps, revamping creative, and organizing email flows, so clients will be prepared to resume spending again later. For the long-term, other agencies are focusing on consulting, conducting predictive analyses, scenario planning and assisting clients in understanding the ongoing effects of pausing ad spend.

4 Tips to Build a Strong SEO Program During COVID-19 - Search Engine Journal

In addition to media consumption, supply chains, and budgets, COVID-19 has had a big impact on consumer mobility and search behavior. While marketing channels and search ads are seeing reductions in numbers, SEO has seen an uptick, as consumers and companies turn to organic search. Some of the advantages of SEO are its cost-effectiveness and its ability to strengthen brand trust. Following these tips will help build strong SEO.

  • Create Content That Builds Trust
  • Proactively Manage Your Web Presence
  • Audit Your Upcoming Content & Campaigns
  • Ramp Up Security

12 Ways to Adapt Your Marketing Strategy in Times of Forced Isolation - Search Engine Journal

As brands consider cutting costs during these financially trying times, companies can take action and resist the urge to slash marketing budgets. A period of social distancing opens opportunities to approach marketing differently. Below are 12 marketing tips to help maintain brand trust and identity during these unique times: 


  1. Use video (not just one-to-many, but personalized videos to help connect)
  2. Use animation (like whiteboard videos to promote products or explain ideas) 
  3. Host/participate in virtual conferences 
  4. Repurpose Presentations (turn them into slideshows, videos or infographics)
  5. Create infographics (share them on social media to boost engagement)
  6. Revisit your website (check the messaging and add trust boosters like testimonials) 
  7. Refresh your keyword research 
  8. Create useful content for your blog (focus on information and inspiration)
  9. Be active on social media
  10. Start an email newsletter (to help strengthen the community relationship)
  11. Focus on existing customers
  12. Advertise (advertising during an economic downturn has less demand, but means more affordable campaigns that stand out)

Tracking retail’s response to the coronavirus - Retail Dive

Several retailers have taken action to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Some have altered hours at their physical locations, while many have shuttered temporarily or for the foreseeable future. The decision to close doors was taken voluntarily in some cases; but in others, the closures were forced by government mandates. Retail Dive has provided a list of dozens of these brands and their store closure or hours status. The extensive list will be updated regularly.

The above overviews highlight important ecommerce news related to COVID-19 from the last week. For a deeper dive, please sign up for our upcoming webinar: Generating Immediate Cash Flow and Investing in "Rebound Based" Demand: Marketing Plan for Retailers and visit the Adlucent website for ongoing updates on the situation at hand. 

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