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Bi-Weekly News Digest on Digital Marketing – 12/21/20

Posted by Maureen Lomo on December 22, 2020

Big Predictions for 2021, Privacy, Power and DSAs

 2020 had many challenges. The year saw some record lows but also broke records – especially in the area of ecommerce. Although the pandemic accelerated ecommerce growth, it challenged it in many ways. However, as the year ends, we look forward to what 2021 has in store for the digital marketing and ecommerce space. Adlucent will be there and continue to strategize with our partners to make 2021 as successful as possible. If you want to stay on top of the latest news, sign up for our email newsletter.

Predictions: 14 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2021 – CMO

In 2021, marketers will still need adaptability to navigate the new digital marketing world. However, certain aspects are predicted to drive digital marketing in the upcoming year.

  1. The ending of Google's support of third-party cookies in 2021 will shift focus from the reliance on third-party to the prioritization of first-party data.
  2. Privacy will disrupt adtech – Increased tech capabilities and concerns will change the way digital marketers market.
  3. Consumer owned data – Consumers will have more power, and permission base campaigns will likely increase. 
  4. Email reinvention – Email use will rise, as will the need for the security features that come with the increase, i.e., multi-factor authentication.
  5. Connected channels and connectivity across tech – including shared data are expected to rise.
  6. Experimentation versus certainty – Digital marketing's data infrastructure is shifting from "certainty" to "probability" methods.
  7. Content will still reign, but Context will stand by its side in importance, and storytelling will be highlighted.
  8. QR Code marketing will increase, as QR code usage is expected to continue.
  9. Predictive marketing will expand, and personalization and predictive technologies will be leveraged in 2021, especially by Gen Z.
  10. Universal IDs – New people identifiers and unified identity solutions will be seen.
  11. The end of growth hacking as a marketing tactic could be near due to improvements in digital technologies.
  12. The value of culture and authenticity – Authentic brand messaging highlighting brand values and culture will be more significant.
  13. Podcasting will grow in popularity, and its usage will expand.
  14. The right message at the right time expression will remain true, although the digital marketing landscape will continue to evolve. 

Facebook Criticizes Apple's iOS Privacy Changes with Full-page Newspaper Ads  – The Verge

Apple introduced new privacy features for its iOS 14. The new restrictions make it more difficult for companies like Facebook to perform ad targeting. In return, Facebook placed a full-page newspaper ad criticizing the changes. Specifically, the new privacy features require developers to seek permission to gather Apple user data and track it across websites, mobile apps, and devices. Apple has not responded to the ad.

Using Feed-Based DSAs to Grow Your Paid Search Program Efficiently – Adlucent

 Once paid search programs are in place and doing well, the next step is to grow the non-brand aspects of a campaign. To do this for clients, Adlucent takes a data-focused approach, including utilizing Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) to scale campaigns. DSAs are automated digital ads by Google (and Bing), which use search data and behaviors from searchers to automatically calculate ad copy and targeting. Additionally, combining feed-based DSAs (using feeds and custom labels for DSA targeting) with a keyword search strategy further enhances a campaign. Furthermore, Adlucent uses techniques powered by Deep Search Technology to create granular DSA structures that scale non-brand campaigns. 

Google Accused of Colluding with Facebook and Abusing Monopoly Power in New Lawsuit – Search Engine Land

Google has been accused of using exclusionary tactics, including colluding with Facebook to suppress header bidding. Specifically, in 2017, Facebook planned to open up its Facebook Audience Network to header bidding platforms. That would have challenged Google's ad revenue. It is alleged that Google made a deal with Facebook to curtail this, and in return, Facebook slowed down the new initiative. Google responded that the claims were "meritless." 

6 Predictions For Amazon In 2021, And How They Will Play Out For Retail Brands – Forbes

Due to the pandemic, Amazon had a notable 2020. The future for Amazon looks bright, and the following are top 2021 Amazon predictions:

  1. Amazon's Fulfillment capabilities will be its next AWS. Although 2020 brought challenges to Amazon's delivery and fulfillment services, its logistics managed to rise to the challenge of the 2020 deluge in ecommerce; further improvements are likely on the way. As Amazon shipping logistics improve, it is predicted to sell the delivery services.
  2. Added experiments with virtual experiences and live video – Amazon has live-streaming classes and tours with its Experiences platform that provide shopping opportunities in-session. Amazon is expected to build on this immersive capability.
  3. The private label brand expansion may slow down or stop. Congress scrutinized Amazon's private label practices, and Amazon may decide that the negative press and antitrust scrutiny is not worth the small fraction of the revenue generated from it.
  4. Sellers competing more – Some sellers are likely to feel the competition from Chinese manufacturers selling directly to Amazon and from brands purchased by holding companies investing in advertising.
  5. Improved Amazon Fresh – Amazon lags in the online grocery shopping space; however, it is predicted to consolidate its platforms (to make the grocery shopping experience seamless) and shore-up its grocery shopping ecommerce capabilities.
  6. Accelerate Amazon Advertising – Amazon, the #3 digital marketer, is expected to grow its advertising capabilities as it introduces new features. Specifically, Amazon is expected to add more creative options and advertising features that help smaller brands.

These articles cover some of the most important industry news, as shifts from COVID and other causes continue to affect business nationwide. Visit the Adlucent website for ongoing information and updates on marketing, ecommerce, and retail.

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