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Using Feed-Based DSAs to Grow Your Paid Search Program Efficiently

Posted by John Liu on December 9, 2020


To grow keyword search programs, marketers need to expand and optimize against non-brand queries. So, how do you do this efficiently?

How do you grow your paid search programs once they’re in place?

Paid Search ads do a great job of converting people at the bottom of the funnel. But, once you've optimized your campaigns to efficiently capture and convert the branded and bottom-funnel queries that most strongly indicate conversion intent, how do you keep growing your program?

Naturally, you need to continue up the funnel and grow the non-brand portions of your campaign, especially against queries and searchers that might indicate more of a research and consideration mindset.

How do you grow non-brand efficiently?

In order to grow non-brand efficiently, Adlucent focuses on emphasizing data. Our data-focused approach includes query data, keyword performance, product performance, geographic performance, and more. Another powerful approach we can take to leverage more data is relying on automated products like Dynamic Search Ads, or DSAs.

DSAs are an ad type available from Google and Bing that automates the setup of a keyword search ad campaign. Instead of creating a campaign structure with keywords and ads, you provide Google with your landing pages, and Google determines the targeting and ad copy automatically, based on the content and user behaviors on those pages. In this way, we can use data about the searcher and their behavior that agencies and advertisers will never access.

By combining DSAs with conversion-focused bid strategies, you can leverage the platform's automation features to prospect for users who are interested in the products or offers on your landing pages. The search engine can determine the users and queries most likely to indicate interest in that page and dynamically bid against them based on your conversion goals.

Especially for retailers, DSAs are quite similar to Shopping ads. We can provide Google a feed of landing pages to serve ads against, much like we provide Google a feed of products to serve ads against in Shopping.

How do we succeed with DSAs?

DSAs are most powerful when leveraged in combination with your overall keyword search strategy, utilizing the convenience and data access of DSAs to enhance your campaigns. The key component is using the appropriate campaign structure to ensure that your DSAs are managed granularly when different goals or performance justify it. Feed-based DSA is one of our answers to this challenge, which we can use to set up DSA targeting based on feeds and custom labels.

We work with our clients to identify good landing pages and carefully categorize them based on the search intent they serve and their performance. This tactic is similar to how we approach optimizing a product feed for Shopping. As a result, we're able to build out granular DSA structures that employ negative keywords to funnel and optimize traffic, applying our overall product strategy to DSA campaigns.

This granular management, powered by our proprietary tech platform, Deep SearchTM, enables us to scale non-brand campaigns.

What's an example of an Adlucent client success story?

For one of our clients, we had reached a plateau with non-brand where we had over 500,000 non-brand keywords, plus 40 DSA auto-targets that were combining to drive only 2% of overall revenue at a 50% lower efficiency than Shopping ads.

We restructured their account using feed-based DSAs and flipped that structure around to just 5,000 non-brand keywords, plus over 10,000 granular DSA targets. This drove a 28% improvement in CPC, 81% more orders, and increased non-brand revenue by 6x overall.


How are you managing your non-brand keywords? Are you utilizing DSAs to enhance and scale your campaigns? If you are interested in learning more about this strategy or need help with your performance marketing program, contact us for a free consultation.

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