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Amazon Sponsored Brand Video: What They Are and How To Use Them In Your Amazon Strategy

Posted by Marisa Mohn on February 21, 2020

Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video compared to retaining only 10% of that message when reading it in text. One of the obstacles of Amazon Advertising can be getting your brand message across since a shopper only views simple images and product descriptions. Fortunately, Amazon has released a new beta, Sponsored Brand Videos, which allows you to share video content right in the search results to help your customers convert. Available to U.S. sellers, this video feature can target your audience through keywords and direct them straight to your product detail page. Delivering your brand’s messaging and convincing customers to purchase your product through a video shown in search results allows you to take up more real estate on the search results page and can lead to a boost in sales. Let’s get an understanding of what Sponsored Brand Video ads are and how to integrate them into your marketplace strategy.

What Are Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads?

Sponsored Brand Video ads instantly grab a shopper’s attention while they browse search results, making this new ad format a great tactic to increase clickthrough rate and conversions. These videos are embedded around related product listings when a customer begins their search. Shoppers with high purchase intent can easily watch these videos to learn about the product and brand before clicking into the listing, increasing the chances of a potential customer committing to your product over a competitor’s. What exactly are your customers looking at when they encounter your ad? Let’s walk through the four elements.

  1. Product details: A brand’s product image, title, star rating, review count, price, and prime eligibility are displayed.
  2. Sponsored tag: This tag shows over the product title or top right-hand corner of the video.
  3. Video: Once 50% of the media is on screen, it will automatically play.
  4. Mute toggle button: Videos always start without audio, but customers can unclick the mute button to enable it.

Recently, Amazon broadened the scope of the Sponsored Brand Video ads landscape. Now, both mobile and desktop users can see your products in action with the Sponsored Brand Video format while browsing search results. Here’s how one of our clients is using video ads to reach Amazon shoppers.

Perfect Keto’s Experience with Sponsored Brand Video Ads

Our client Perfect Keto took advantage of this beta to advertise their keto snacks and yielded some strong results. We boosted their marketplace presence by taking advantage of Sponsored Brand Video ads early on after its release. Although the space has become more competitive, we’ve used this ad format to reach more customers in their research phase, which allows shoppers to view the Sponsored Brand Video ads in the search results while they are browsing for products.


Amazon Sponsored Brand Video on Desktop

So, how did this campaign type stack up against Amazon’s other offerings? We achieved higher efficiency by taking advantage of the beta and making a strategic move to capitalize on video. The cost-per-click for terms we targeted in Sponsored Brand Video (SBV) campaigns were lower in comparison to the same terms in Sponsored Product (SP) campaigns. The results are below:


Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Best Practices

Before implementing anything new into your digital advertising strategy, you should familiarize yourself with the encouraged best practices. Here are our Sponsored Brand Video recommendations to guide your marketplace strategy.

  • On-screen text: Use a sans-serif font, like Helvetica, over a black box to lay over the video. This allows those who are not listening to the audio to read what the voiceover is communicating. Ensure your text is readable on desktop and mobile screens.
  • Video loop: You have 15-30 seconds to communicate your message. Keep in mind that the video will restart once it’s over, so make sure it flows seamlessly.
  • Optimize media: Main video elements should stay within the safe area, so text, logos, and other important information do not get cut off.
  • Product-focused: Your video should highlight your product, and it’s unique selling point within the first couple of seconds.

Create an Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads Campaign

Now that you understand what Sponsored Brand Video ads are, we’ll walk you through how to set up your campaigns with the beta in Amazon. Before you upload your video, make sure it meets Amazon’s requirements:

  • File resolution: 1920 x 1080px, 1280 x 720px, or 3840 x 2160px
  • File size: Smaller than 500MB
  • File format: MP4 or MOV
  • Display aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Video duration: 6-30 seconds long
  • Minimum audio bit rate: 96 kbps

Once you have your video prepared, here’s how to get started:


1. Create a new Sponsored Brands “Video (Beta)” campaign.

2. Choose the product you’re creating the video for from the “New product list page.”


3. Upload your video file and preview the ad in the right-side panel.


4. Select keywords you want to target and set bids.

5. Submit the campaign for review. Approval can take anywhere between 10 minutes or up to a couple of hours, so check back in on your campaign to track its status.

Eligibility for Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Anyone enrolled in the Amazon brand registry can participate in Sponsored Brands along with vendors, book vendors, and agencies. However, Amazon does not allow adult products, used products, refurbished products, and products in gated categories to advertise with Sponsored Brand ads at this time. 

Reach Your Customers with Sponsored Brand Video Ads

Amazon continues to create features that help sellers reach customers during multiple parts of their buyer journey. From Amazon Posts to Sponsored Brand Video ads, there is no better way to test out what works best to improve sales. If you want some guidance with your Sponsored Brand Video strategy and execution in Amazon, reach out to the Adlucent team today!

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