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Amazon Posts (Beta): The New Feed You Need in Your Marketplace Strategy

Posted by Victoria Flores on February 4, 2020

Make your brand and products on Amazon more discoverable with Amazon Posts. This free feature allows merchants to display products in a shoppable catalog through Instagram-like media. It’s currently available to U.S. vendors and sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. By taking advantage of this feature, you can increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty. Let’s dive into what Amazon Posts are, how they display in the marketplace, and the best ways to leverage them as part of your Amazon strategy.


What Are Amazon Posts?

Amazon introduced Posts in late 2019 as a way to create a more comprehensive customer experience. Shoppers can browse through products on their mobile devices and discover new brands through feeds populated with product Posts related to their searches. The format allows customers to browse similarly to how they would scroll through social media posts. These organic Posts stand out from what a retailer would publish on social media, however, because Amazon Posts are linked directly to product listings within Amazon. Posts offer a quick and easy way for shoppers to become familiar with a brand and instantly learn more about any product that catches their eye.

Where Do Amazon Posts Display?

Posts allow sellers and vendors to present multiple products in a carousel located on product pages. They also show up in several areas of the marketplace to catch customers’ attention in places like the:

  • Brand-owned detail page
  • Retail brand detail page
  • Related post feed
  • Category feed


Amazon controls which of these feeds will feature each Amazon Post. To influence the placement, Amazon automatically adds category tags to specify relevant themes.

Currently, you can only view Amazon Posts on a mobile device in the Amazon app. Within the marketplace, you can find the Posts just above the customer questions section on your product detail pages under a title, such as, “More from [Brand Name]”. 


Referencing the first image above, tapping on a Post in the carousel will lead you directly to the product feed. We’ll break down the elements of a Post by sharing an example from Adlucent client, Trainers Warehouse:

  1. Brand logo and name: Displayed at the top of each Post
  2. Caption: A place to give customers product information
  3. Tags: Amazon adds these in so your Posts show in category feeds
  4. “Show product”: When users click on this tab, it automatically shows your product listing and rating so they can easily learn more and visit the product page
  5. Related posts: This section allows customers to browse a feed of related product Posts

Single images are the only media that can be displayed in a Post. The upside is that each image is branded and meant to get a user to click straight to your listing with the “Show product” tab. You can improve engagement by uploading lifestyle or product-focused imagery that will help a customer understand what you’re selling when they first come across your Posts. 

Measure Your Posts Performance

Amazon allows brands to view metrics, similar to those found in social media analytics, for each Post they upload to the feed. On the dashboard, sellers have access to engagement metrics, such as views, clicks, and clickthrough rates. Tracking which Posts are most popular can offer insights into what is positively impacting sales.

Tip: Since these posts are shoppable, consider repurposing your social media content for Amazon Posts so customers can convert through content from your brand, away from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

How to Create Amazon Posts

Get started with creating Posts through either the mobile app (available on iOS and Android) or on a desktop in your Seller or Vendor Central account. Below is what you will see when you begin drafting your first Post. 


These are the simple steps you’ll take to get your Amazon Posts set up:

  1. Upload your image
  2. Write your caption 
  3. Choose your product ASIN
  4. Review your Post in the window to the right to make sure everything is accurate
  5. Submit for review


Post Specifications

Profile Logo: Must be your brand logo, no smaller than 640x640 pixels

Posts Image: Supports aspect ratios of 1x1, 16x9, and 4x3

Caption Text: Can include up to 2,200 characters

Tip: There is no limit to how frequently you can post, so do it as often as possible!

Brand Feeds for Amazon Posts

As of April 2020, Shoppers can now easily browse through all of your Posts in a brand feed so they can discover more of your products. Customers will see this feed on the Amazon mobile app and the desktop website by tapping on your logo or brand name on any of your Posts. There’s an option to provide a unique link directing shoppers to this feed for easy access. The brand feed will list Posts in chronological order from newest to oldest so customers see what you’ve recently published. Merchants can take advantage of this feature today by signing into the Amazon Posts Publisher.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 11.14.41 AM

Integrate Amazon Posts Into Your Strategy

Utilizing Amazon Posts can help you get new products off the ground. By adding a Post to your product launch checklist, you can deliver the news to new and existing customers faster. This feature can offer more exposure, not just to your new products, but existing ones as well. If you have products that have not seen much traffic or have low sales velocity, creating Posts can help customers rediscover – and purchase – them.

Differentiating your brand and increasing brand awareness is easier with the help of Amazon Posts. Get started today by signing in using your advertising console credentials, creating your profile, and crafting your first (of many!) Posts. The all-in-one customer experience that Amazon is building with Posts is something you do not want to miss out on.


Are you interested in using Amazon Posts for your brand or improving your overall marketplace performance? Our team of Adlucent Amazon experts can help! Contact us today.


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