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Why Do We Watch Super Bowl Commercials?

Posted by Holly Pauzer on February 10, 2016

With the average cost of a 30-second spot for a Super Bowl commercial averaging $4.8 million, we wanted to find out if Super Bowl ads provide value beyond just brand awareness and entertainment. We set out to answer this question by conducting a short consumer survey to understand the primary reason people watch the commercials and the effect it has on their purchase behaviors. What we found is that less than 1% of those surveyed watch the commercials to influence any kind of purchasing decision and 87% of viewers are doing so solely for entertainment or social purposes. Furthermore, only 6% watch to discover new brands, products, or services.

We also found that despite most Super Bowl ads being targeted Super_Bowl_Ads_Stattowards men, women were more likely to cite watching the ads to discover brands or products or to inform purchase decisions. At 38%, females were also more likely to be influenced to purchase by these ads versus 28% of males.

So while the commercials primarily serve to entertain consumers, personalization would be a welcome addition. In fact, 61% of those surveyed said would prefer the commercials to be more tailored to their individual interests.

There’s no doubt that Super Bowl ads create a surge of brand awareness. Last weekend, there were over 7.5 million online searches for the brands who advertised during the game (Google). Now that paid search advertising is becoming more and more personalized thanks to solutions like Google’s Customer Match, Super Bowl advertisers have the unique opportunity to extend the life of their ads online by catering to the unique interests of the customers who may be searching for them after the game ends.


To read more about Adlucent’s survey results in Fortune click here:


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