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Holiday PPC Checklist Part #1: Ad Preparations

Posted by Holly Pauzer on October 13, 2016

With Black Friday less than 45 days away, marketers are working around the clock to get their holiday advertising strategies implemented. One thing is certain, it’s never too late to audit your search program to ensure you’re not leaving any opportunities on the table. With so many promotions planned for this time of the year, it’s a great place to start. Take a look at the checklist below to ensure your paid search program is fully aligned with your promotions.

Step 1: Add all applicable Ad Extensions.

checkbox  Add Sitelinks and Enhanced Sitelinks (Brand-only campaigns on Google) to all of your Google and Bing campaigns and try customizing these whenever possible.
checkbox  Add the following Extensions to your Google Search Accounts: Callout, Review, Price, and Structured Snippets.
checkbox  Add Call and Location Extensions to your Google and Bing Campaigns.

Step 2: Ensure that ad copy and promotions are ready to go.

checkbox  Ad copy should be created well in advance and auto scheduled to turn on or off based on promotional schedules, shipping cutoff dates, budget limitations, and more. Don’t be that retailer who keeps promotional ad copy running after the promo has ended.
checkbox  Promotional calendars should be set by now. We suggest getting out early with strong promotions this year, as retailers have already started promotions as of October 1st. According to a new survey by Market Track, One-Third of US shoppers plan on completing their holiday shopping before November.

Step 3: Take advantage of all available ad formats.

Google has a number of ad formats and solutions that are ideal for the holiday season. Here are a few of our favorites for this year:

checkbox  ETAs. The new text ad format designed for a mobile-first world, providing up to 50% more ad copy to give marketers extra room to highlight their products and services. With the majority of traffic coming from mobile, having mobile optimized text ads that allow for longer and more prominent headlines, along with additional room for creative to really highlight products and offers, serves to help retailers improve click through rates by up to 20%.

checkbox  Countdown Ads. Use this Ad Customizer to automatically countdown toward holiday promotion deadlines and shipping cutoffs.

checkbox  LIAs. An ideal ad format for the holidays, LIAs show local inventory and help customers in those on-the-go moments. Google has a number of new LIA ad formats available in the knowledge panel, including In-Store Pick-Up, Now In-Store Cards, and Local.

checkbox  Showcase Ads. Showcase Shopping Ads enable advertisers to engage with consumers very early in their purchase journey when they first begin researching products. These ads show for upper funnel queries like “furniture,” “toys,” or “women’s clothing” and are ideal when shoppers first start researching holiday gifts.


google-holidays-white-paper-coverFor more information on these Google solutions, save a copy of our latest brief, Six New Google Solutions for the On-The-Go Shopper.

Also stay tuned for our second post in the essential PPC holiday checklist series where we’ll outline tips for getting your campaign settings set for the peak holiday season.


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