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Creating Custom Audiences for Paid Search

Posted by Holly Pauzer on March 23, 2016

Part of our Turning Digital Marketers into Data Scientists Series

You’ve been segmenting your database for emails for years, so why not do the same for paid search?

CRM-based initiatives are taking center stage for digital marketers this year, largely in part due to Google’s new solution Customer Match. This marks the first time Google has allowed advertisers to use their own first party data to reach customers in Adwords. No longer limited to just search terms, retailers now have the ability to create custom audiences to better target customers through search and other ad types.

In our latest paper, Turning Digital Marketers into Data Scientists: Creating Custom Audiences for Paid Search, we walk through the latest methods for using CRM data to learn more about your customers and ultimately how to serve them more relevant and personalized advertising. LeAdlucent Data Science White Paperarn how Google’s Customer Match works and examples of how to segment your audiences for Search, Gmail and YouTube.

You’ll also learn how to use additional data sources to create advanced customer profiles. Whether you are just getting started, or a pioneer in using customer data for ad optimizations, we can show you how to take your program to the next level.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • How to use CRM data to serve more personalized, relevant and efficient advertising
  • How to use Google’s Customer Match to segment and target audiences across Search, Gmail and YouTube
  • How to use both customer and transactional data to understand which customers are high versus low value
  • How to use 3rd party data to reach customers through on and offline channels
  • The right KPI’s to measure performance
  • Case studies from leading brands

Learning how to use data to create much more focused and relevant advertising is critical to sustained growth and delivering the best experience for consumers.

Download our report here to get started on “Creating Custom Audiences for Paid Search.”

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