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Revamp Your Marketplace Strategy to Accelerate Sales

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Our Approach

Now that 64% of American households have Prime subscriptions, Amazon has become the go-to destination for consumers who need to research and purchase products online. Amazon's marketplace continues to grow and now accounts for 44% of all ecommerce sales. Even so, there remain significant untapped advertising opportunities for brands. Adlucent offers strategic planning and consulting services for retail brands. Our services run the gamut from robust marketplace product listings to fully managed 3PL, to smart A/B testing, clever creative, actionable analytics and more. Once Amazon's largest paid search partner, Adlucent has unique knowledge of how to help brands get the most out of every Amazon investment.


Proprietary Reporting Platform

Proprietary Reporting Platform for First-Party and Third-Party Data

17+ Years of Amazon Experience

17+ Years of Amazon Experience

Increase in Total Product Sales

25% Average Increase in Total Product Sales

Top Brands and Sellers

Working with Dozens of Top Brands and Sellers

Return on Ad Spend

40% Average Increase in Return on Ad Spend in first 60 Days

Keywords Expansion

10x Average Expansion of Keywords Over Account


  • Paid Media
  • Product Pricing
  • Replenishment Recommendations
  • Sales and Product Performance
  • Create and Optimize Product Listings
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • 3PL Setup and Management
  • FBA/FBM Setup and Recommendations
  • Profitability Reporting
  • Product Planning
  • Cross-Channel Keyword Strategy
  • Email Retargeting
  • Keyword Research
  • Brand Content
  • Organic Listings
  • Product Launch Support
  • Buy Box Strategy
  • Product Reviews Strategy

Our Process

amazon process

Successfully running an ad program on Amazon requires search expertise, marketplace knowledge, and marketing resources. Our Amazon experts will manage your Amazon advertising while optimizing for your performance goals.

  • Advertising campaigns, including sponsored product ads, customized for your business goals following our search best practices

  • Proprietary Analytics, Reporting, and Optimization platform, ARO, for comprehensive data insights across all of Amazon

  • Cross-channel keyword and search strategy

Listing Optimizations

Analyzing and optimizing toward organic product rankings on Amazon is key to long-term growth in the marketplace. Our team will increase product discoverability and ranking to grow sales.

  • Organic listing rank and conversion rate tracking

  • Product title and description optimization using our informed keyword research process

  • Catalog structure review and reorganization

  • Copywriting for detail and brand page performance

  • Enhanced brand content and creative


Strategic Consulting


Selling on Amazon is complex and the ecosystem is constantly evolving. Our Amazon experts will help you navigate the changes and provide actionable recommendations to move your business forward.

  • New Amazon product launch support

  • Product efficiency analysis and allocation recommendations

  • Pricing and Buy Box strategy

  • Reviews and customer service support

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