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Product Feed Optimization, Shopping Ad Technology, and Rich Expertise, All in One Place

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Our Approach

As Amazon’s search agency for over 7 years, Adlucent perfected the art of product-level advertising long before Google Shopping was introduced. We know that technology is critically important to managing Shopping programs at scale, which is why we developed the industry’s first Shopping technology that combines feed management, a recommendations engine, and reporting into one platform. And by structuring accounts at the query level, we’re able to generate 256% higher PLA revenue growth for our clients than our peer set achieves.


PLA Manager

2nd Largest Manager of PLAs


First Google Shopping Partner


First to Implement Query-Level Architecture

More PLA Revenue

256% More PLA Revenue Than Peer Set

_management copy

First to Build PLA Management Technology


19+ years of product-level search expertise


  • PLA Management Technology
  • Query-Level PLA Architectures
  • Predictive Search
  • Voice Search
  • Real-Time Feed Updates
  • Automated Bid Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Dayparting
  • Device Modifiers
  • Geoparting
  • Audience Targeting
  • RLSAs
  • Feed Management
  • Offline Attribution
  • Device Attribution
  • Local Inventory Ads
  • Customer Match
  • Co-Op Marketing

Our Process

Feed Optimization

Maintaining and optimizing your product feed is critical to Shopping ad success, as the keywords in your feed are used to properly match products to search queries. Getting the right product to show for right queries is both art and science. At Adlucent, we have fully integrated our proprietary technology, Deep Search™, with the Google Merchant Center. This gives our team of PLA experts the ability to optimize feeds using our 62-step process to improve relevant matching and maximize product reach in real time. Within our PPC department, we have a dedicated team focused solely on shopping ads and feeds for each client. There's no one-size-fits-all campaign structure in our book; we tailor each one to our clients' specific strengths and goals.

Our Process

Search Query Optimization

While several products may match to a particular query, retailers have little control over whether the right product – the one most likely to sell – is showing. Adlucent leverages its advanced analytics and query-level architecture to funnel traffic to the right products, and away from unprofitable queries, to help you grow PLA revenue efficiently. So, we analyze the KPIs that matter to retailers, down to the individual SKU and query level.

Our Process

Bid Optimization

Adlucent leverages real-time demand data to proactively predict how a product will sell versus reactively adjust. Deep Search incorporates real-time signals and data on factors such as competitor pricing, promotions, and seasonality to make rapid changes in bids, saving you time and maximizing revenue. Because the marketplace, Google auction, and even your competition are always changing the game, we continuously measure results and try new solutions to ensure the highest return on ad spend at every turn.

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