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Throughout the holiday season, Product Listing Ads served as a key revenue driver for retailers. As an example, Adlucent clients saw a 126% higher return on ad spend than text ads. While many retailers continue to see strong results, they struggle to achieve optimal performance.

From bid management to feed optimization, properly managing PLAs is both difficult and time consuming. So how can a retailer achieve the highest return without adding additional resources?

In this complimentary report, you'll learn how to setup and manage a successful Google Shopping program. You'll also get answers to the most frequently asked questions on PLAs, including:

  • How much spend should I allocate towards PLAs?
  • How should PLAs perform relative to my PPC program?
  • How do I optimize PLA performance?
  • What's the best solution to help me minimize effort?
  • What's next for Google Shopping?
PLA Whitepaper

How does your PLA program stack up against other retailers? Find out by taking our five question assessment.