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Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy Boosts Revenue

New Marketing Channels Push Past Profitability Plateau


Our client, a woodworking supplies brand, was experiencing near-stagnant revenue YoY for the first time and having trouble driving new customer acquisition using search alone. A longtime Adlucent client, this brand saw consistent YoY growth of about 10%, but was starting to taper off due to increased competition. Now, with an optimized search strategy, the time had come to diversify their digital marketing media mix to continue reaching their growth potential.

The Challenge

Based on perceptions of their target market, the client was hesitant to expand into social media marketing, believing this would not be an efficient way to reach their audience. Adlucent proposed a strategic cross-channel approach, anticipating a halo effect that would improve performance across the board.

How Adlucent Helped

The Adlucent team introduced additional channels, including YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest to drive additional revenue and reach new customers. As a result, the client was able to reap new benefits in each individual channel, as well as in-store and across the entire business.

The Result

Implementing new marketing channels drove incremental revenue across all of digital. YouTube garnered a ROAS of 5 with significant revenue gains and influenced an additional 30,500 store visits for the client. Facebook saw a 73% revenue increase at a 5 ROAS, Pinterest added substantial new revenue in the first year, and total digital revenue increased 25% YoY within the first 6 months of adding marketing channels.

These new channels not only led to new revenue but also increased growth in our existing channels. PPC saw a 10% increase in total Brand clicks and was up an average of 35% YoY, while previously being up 5-10% YoY.

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“We didn’t expect that our customers were spending a lot of time on social media, so we had reservations about taking our marketing to these new channels. But, we were thrilled that our partners at Adlucent pushed for a cross-channel approach once we saw how well it worked.” – Our Client’s Digital Marketing Director