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Bi-Weekly News Digest on Digital Marketing – 11/24/20

Posted by Maureen Lomo on November 24, 2020

Fleets, DTC, Curbside, Digital Events and More

This week, the nation celebrates Thanksgiving in the most socially distanced way possible. Although many families are having scaled-down gatherings, airlines recorded surges in holiday travel. Holiday shopping may experience similar surges but is expected to look quite different from years prior. As ecommerce news breaks, Adlucent will share it with its partners to together navigate the digital marketing landscape amid the pandemic. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, sign up for our email newsletter.

Twitter’s Disappearing Tweets, Called Fleets, Are Now Available for Everyone – The Verge

On Tuesday, Twitter announced Fleets, its disappearing Tweets feature. Twitter believes the new tool will help take the pressure off some of its users to help them engage and feel more comfortable expressing more casual thoughts. Fleets are like Instagram Stories, and new Fleets from accounts that users follow will show up as bubbles on top of the Twitter timeline.

More recent reports have also mentioned a Twitter bug making the Fleets last longer than intended, and it remains to be seen how the feature may evolve and be perceived.

The Implications of Shipping Direct to Consumer  – RetailDive

The pandemic benefited DTC brands because many consumers have been limiting store trips and shopping directly on retailer websites. However, this has highlighted an existing issue: strained shipping operations. Earlier, consumers experienced increased shipping delays, and new concerns continue for the upcoming holiday season. 

Additionally, the Amazon model has led to consumer expectations of free (and fast) shipping, which creates a cost issue for DTC brands that operate at a fraction of Amazon. Furthermore, returns are another issue. Consumers are less confident with online purchases and tend to return them more than in-store purchases. This cuts into DTC margins as well. Finally, the delivery of larger items needing setup i.e. sofas is often outsourced to third parties that do not have the same vested interest in the customers’ experience. Issues with the delivery could negatively affect brand loyalty. 

Local Marketing and Curbside Trends You Should Know About – Adlucent

Many emerging retail trends, such as Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) were accelerated and became necessities due to the pandemic. There are a variety of ways that brands can take advantage of local marketing trends like BOPIS and keep up with consumers. For example, social media can help your brand reach and engage with local customers through: 

  • Using location channels, hashtags, and local tags (city, region, neighborhood, community, landmarks) 
  • Utilizing features to increase engagement like polls, IG Stories, live streams, and AR filters
  • Leveraging features and setting up Instagram and Facebook customized shops, 
  • purchasing ads (sponsored posts, video ads, etc.) to help generate traffic and target the right audience. Make sure the content is relevant to the local market.

Additionally, Google (and other search engines) can help brands reach local customers. Make sure your “Google My Listing” is well managed, accurate, and up-to-date. Also, use location extensions (that include business contact info) available on Google Display Network. For advertisers using LIAs on Google Shopping, use the Curbside Beta tool to alert shoppers about same-day or next-day pickup offers. Also, local campaigns on Google Maps, Google Display Network, Google Search Network, and YouTube can be launched.

Furthermore, brands can localize SEO by ensuring: 

  • Pages are mobilized, responsive, and include city and state names in title tags
  • Meta descriptions beyond the brand name are maximized
  • Schema, URL structures, and on-page business content and contact information are localized.

Additional implementations include:

  • Using local keywords, photos, and jargon to create local landing pages, if a business has multiple locations
  • Optimizing for voice search
  • Managing reputation: online reviews should be monitored and responded to positively and politely.

Virtual Events are Here to Stay: and They’re a Digital Channel – Martech

Due to the pandemic, virtual events have replaced in-person ones and appear to be staying for the foreseeable future. And, 2021will likely bring about hybrid event models with a mixture of virtual and in-person elements and activities. For marketers and organizers yet to master the rise in virtual events, hybrid events and all that they entail, i.e. separate budgets and planning, will be even more of a challenge. However, on the bright side, a new digital channel has emerged for events marketing teams.

These articles covered some of the most importants industry news as shifts from COVID and other causes continue to change business nationwide. Visit the Adlucent website for ongoing information and updates on marketing, ecommerce, and retail.

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