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Adlucent Joins Austin’s Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

Posted by Carolina Wimmer on April 16, 2019

AUSTIN, TX – April 16, 2019

Today we are pleased to announce that we have joined the Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge. Initially created by Austin entrepreneur and former venture capitalist, Stephen Straus, the pledge provides a roadmap for startup founders, CEOs, and investors seeking to build better companies and a more inclusive world. These commitments include fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, workplace, and marketplace culture.

“We are thrilled to have Adlucent join the Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge,” said Straus. “As an influential leader in the Austin community, we are pleased to see Adlucent’s commitment to fostering diversity as part of the company’s ‘Better Every Day’ mantra and creating intentional steps to build a more inclusive community moving forward.”   

By joining the Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge, we will take our company motto of “Better Every Day” one step further by ensuring continued expansion of leadership and diversity goals throughout our company culture. We pride ourselves on having built a culture of innovative self-starters from diverse backgrounds who infuse the company’s mantra into everything they do. From the performance and results we deliver to our clients, to the professional development opportunities offered to employees, we strive to be Better Every Day.

With this pledge, we will set the intentional goal of adding diversity and inclusivity, as well as transparency, to the core values of our organization to continue fostering a winning company culture.

“Adlucent’s unique employee culture is what gives us a competitive advantage,” said Ashwani Dhar, CEO of Adlucent. “We are proud to take the Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge to affirm our commitment to excellence through an inclusive and collaborative employee culture.”

By committing to the Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge, Adlucent joins the ranks of 50 additional Austin companies and investors including data.world, Aceable, WP Engine, Next Coast Ventures, TechStars and Silverton Partners, among others. Straus plans on expanding the pledge nationwide by 2020.

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