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Video: Creating Custom Audiences for Customer Match

Posted by Holly Pauzer on July 22, 2016

Late last year, Google rolled out Customer Match, a solution designed to give advertisers the ability to target their customer database with search, YouTube and Gmail ads. By targeting individuals you know, as well as those who look like them, you can serve more relevant ads that drive greater conversions.

While Customer Match now makes it easy for advertisers to reach individuals with search ads, the data science team at Adlucent had developed a similar solution a few years prior by leveraging a mix of customer and third party data to find and target the right audiences with search. It’s because of this work that we were able to apply advanced segmentation methods to Customer Match to ensure that each individual receives the most relevant messages.

We recently sat down with Google to discuss our unique approach to Customer Match and to walk through three examples of retailers who are taking it to the next level by building custom audiences, and the results are impressive. In the video Adlucent and Google discuss three ways to approach Customer Match, from beginner to expert strategies.

You’ll hear how Jarden, Folica and Guitar Center are using their customer data to deliver much more relevant search ads to the right audiences, and the impact it’s had on their business.

Some highlights include how:

  • Folica used Customer Match to reactivate dormant customers and improve their return on ad spend by 206%
  • Jarden gained more efficiency in brand
  • Guitar Center improved their average order value by nearly 20% through cross-category offers

To learn more about our unique approach to targeting customer audiences with search and other channels please watch the video.

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