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How to Take Google’s Customer Match for Search to the Next Level

Posted by Andrea McFarling on September 28, 2015

Today Google announced their newest solution, Customer Match, which enables advertisers to upload their email lists, match, and target signed-in Google customers on Search, YouTube and Gmail. This marks the first time Google has allowed advertisers to use their own first party data to reach customers in Adwords. And with billions of monthly Google searches, over one billion active monthly YouTube users, and over 900 million monthly active Gmail users, the size of the addressable market is huge.

In a few short weeks, retailers will be able to upload a list of contacts from their database and then target these individuals the next time they search for something relevant, visit YouTube, or check their Google mail. They’ll also be able to advertise on YouTube and Gmail to shoppers who have the same characteristics as their customers, but who may not have shopped with them beforealso known as lookalike audiences.

At Adlucent, we’re really excited about this announcement as it’s a huge leap towards personalized advertising. For years we’ve known that audience-based targeting would be the next big thing for paid searchmoving beyond just keyword management and optimizationand we’ve been preparing for this change. In 2013, we made significant investments in our data science department and shortly thereafter, we inked a deal with LiveRamp to become their first direct agency integration. With the right expertise, data and technology in place, we were ready to build the industry’s first audience-level search advertising solution. In late 2014, Adlucent formally rolled out Audience Expansion™.

Today, Google’s Customer Match solution allows retailers to use first party data and lookalike modeling to target their customers. With Audience Expansion, Adlucent incorporates a retailer’s CRM data with 3rd party data to build an accurate picture of their ideal consumers. We look at over 500 attributes for each household, resulting in 60 billion data points that include intent, past purchases, demographics, interests, financial, and lifestyle information in order to create a comprehensive target profile. Next, we create custom audiences that we use to serve highly relevant ads. Each retailer receives a custom model that bids up on high value audiences and holds back advertising for low value audiences to grow revenue with no additional spend.

When restaurant supplies retailer Wasserstrom Company employed Audience Expansion to grow their consumer base, they saw search revenue increase by 61% and PLA revenue by 51% with no additional spend, in just 90 days. They also grew efficiently with Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for search increasing 62% and 41% for PLAs. Read the full study here.

For years, consumers have voiced their support for advertising that serves their needs all while advertisers have been searching for ways to serve the right message to the right consumers. With Google’s Customer Match and Adlucent’s Audience Expansion, there is finally a solution. Adlucent is excited to partner with Google to give both advertisers and consumers what they’ve been asking for.

For more information on Adlucent’s Audience Expansion solution, please email solutions@adlucent.com. Heading to Shop.org? Drop by booth #1122 to learn more about Adlucent’s full suite of services.


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