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What Retailers Need to Know to Transition to Google Shopping Campaigns Successfully

Posted by Adlucent Admin on April 02, 2014

This past February, Google Shopping Campaigns became universally available to all advertisers. Google announced today that advertisers will need to fully shift to Shopping Campaigns by end of August 2014. This new campaign type for PLAs provides retailers with added value in managing their product ad programs. As you begin to launch your Google Shopping Campaigns, we’d like to provide you with an overview of the new products’ features and benefits, along with our recommendations for making these campaigns as successful as possible.

Main Changes to Google Shopping Campaigns

When Google Shopping Campaigns first launched in September 2013, one of the initial changes for PLA management was that a single ad group was associated with an entire Google Shopping Campaign. However, having realized the importance of ad groups, Google has launched ad group level controls, such as, mobile modifiers, negatives, and promotional copy to better manage your product ads. Ad group level mobile modifiers will now help take into account mobile PLA traffic by allowing bids to be set specifically for searches where mobile traffic might be more valuable. Ad group negatives will allow you to optimize precisely instead of having to set negatives at a campaign level, which could potentially compromise traffic quality. Ad group level promotions will now make it possible to implement specific promotions without having it apply to the entire campaign.

Core Benefits of Google Shopping Campaigns

  • Visibility into Product Catalogs: Google Shopping Campaigns now offers you the ability to segment products into their own groups directly in AdWords. This gives a view into your product catalogs without having to go to the Google Merchant Center, helping streamline the previously fragmented experience of slicing and dicing your product catalog into targets.
  • Visibility Into Product Ad Metrics: You can now see product performance data independent of its product group. Previously you were only able to get performance data at the product target level, and for broader targets, weren’t able to decipher which products within that target were performing well. This provides visibility into performance of the exact product that was displayed in the PLA.
  • Visibility into Competitive Metrics: Competitive metrics such as impression share, benchmark CTR, and benchmark CPC are now available through Google Shopping Campaigns giving you the ability to see how you stack up against your competitors.

Adlucent Tips for a Successful Transition to Google Shopping

  •  Make sure the Product Feed is Updated: Review your product_type, adwords_labels, and adwords_grouping values before migrating your Shopping Campaigns. Remember that adwords_labels and adwords_grouping will no longer be supported, and the new custom_label attribute will be limited to five columns for each product.
  • Transition Slowly: We recommend that you move to Google Shopping Campaigns slowly, making sure the right strategies are being aligned for your product ads program and business goals. Quick moves can have a detrimental effect on impression share, CPC’s, CVR, etc.
  • Keep a Close Eye on Traffic: Once you have begun the transition to Google Shopping Campaigns, keep an eye on your traffic levels – not only for certain product groups, but for particular queries as well. Make sure your new campaigns are picking up your most successful queries before shutting the old campaigns off.
  • Begin Transitioning Sooner Rather than Later: Start by moving your smaller campaigns over first. This allows you to get a firm grasp on how the new Google Shopping Campaigns will perform for your product ads, before transitioning over the rest of your product ads program.

 Adlucent is working closely with Google to offer the best available technology solution for Google Shopping Campaigns. We are focused on creating support for the most important activities around managing your product ads. Adlucent will be rolling out features over the coming months. Interested in learning more? Contact us at solutions@adlucent.com.

Image courtesy of Twin Design / Shutterstock.com 


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