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What’s Wrong with this Product Listing Ad?

Posted by Adlucent Admin on June 7, 2013

A critical part of PLA success relies on ad relevancy. Is the ad you’re displaying aligned to consumer intent?

We know that relevant ads deliver the right product, at the right price, at the right time, to the right person. In the example below, you'll see two different products types listed for the same query. Which ad do you think is most closely aligned with the shoppers intent?

Weed Eater1

Walmart and Sears are selling leaf blowers that are made by the company Weed Eater. The other retailers are selling a product that actually cuts weeds. So what is the intent behind the query? Is it to purchase a product by Weed Eater, or to purchase one that will eliminate weeds?

This is a great example of a product that is both a brand and a category of products. In a situation like this, a retailer must dig deeper into consumer intent in order to deliver the most relevant ad. A great way to start is by analyzing search and sales data to see which product most frequently results in a conversion. The poor performing ad should be adjusted or negated.

Have you seen any good examples of this? What have you done to ensure the best product is being featured?

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