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Using Data to Make Smarter Decisions that Drive Your Bottom Line

About Us

With a holistic perspective on digital, Adlucent offers a differentiated marketing experience centered on a singular goal: making our customers as profitable as possible with every dollar spent. We leverage proprietary technology and put data into the hands of the right people to make profitability transparent and predictable. Above all, customer success comes first: we only make money when we make you money.

Adlucent’s unique structure empowers our teams to be adept in all major acquisition media channels. We have unparalleled expertise in PPC and PLA management, social media, programmatic display, marketplace management, as well as content production and distribution. Our diverse acumens come together to make the whole greater than the sum of our parts. Connecting the dots across disciplines, we effectively guide our customer to invest in the right channels at the right time.

We got our start in 2001 when our Founder was pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Texas. He found himself facing irrelevant ads while doing online research and realized he could apply science to advertising to make major improvements in the industry. So, Adlucent was built on a foundation of data and has grown into the market leader in digital acquisition marketing. Adlucent is also a part of Advantage Solutions, ranked as one of the top Marketing Agencies in the U.S. by AdAge.

Our Core Values



Make $#%& Happen

We solve problems efficiently. We know when to iterate and when to innovate. Some days we get to win and some days we get to learn.


Keep It Real

We all have a little weird in us. Come as you are, and stay that way.


Don’t Be a Jerk

We don't count ego as a KPI. We act with empathy and make others matter. We are the coworkers you want to work with.

Better Every Day

The Adlucent mantra, “Better Every Day,” is infused in everything we do—from the performance results we deliver for our clients, to the professional development opportunities we have for our team, to the way we give back to our local community. Our people stay at the forefront of emerging technology and trends, always hungry to learn and constantly improve. Each of our teams lives and breathes marketing, never missing an opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

We use a tremendous amount of data to help brands understand the unique complexities of their customers. Using a 360º view of the consumer experience, we deliver the ideal messages through the perfect channels to each one, increasing the likelihood of a conversion for the brand while improving the shopping experience for the customer. And, while the ad industry is playing catch up, Adlucent is delivering more personalized advertising and driving your bottom line.

Where You’ll Find Us

Our agency is constantly adapting to meet new trends. We move fast, work hard, and deliver for our clients. We’re lucky to say that we are growing all the time.


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