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Automated Bid Management Paired with Account Manager Expertise for Profitability

Human & Machine Achieve 151% More Revenue than Expected and Exceed ROAS Goal by 250%


Our client, Eco-Products, aimed to improve efficiency by achieving a competitive PPC ROAS goal while hitting a specific paid search revenue goal. The team at Adlucent knew we could attain superior results by using our Deep SearchTM Automated Bid Manager feature along with input from one of our dedicated Account Managers.

The Automated Bid Manager is an extension of Deep Search that creates added value for Adlucent clients. The software makes suggestions based on client performance and goals, and our skilled Account Managers add inputs from customer and product knowledge so they can make better bidding decisions together.

In 2017, Adlucent performed a slew of A/B tests comparing the use of the Automated Bid Manager with manual bidding by the Account Manager alone. The Account Manager would control one campaign manually, while the Account Manager and Automated Bid Manager would work together on another. We split traffic 50/50 and went through rigorous testing, determining that adding in the Automated Bid Manager was very effective.

So, at the beginning of 2018, we began a phased rollout. In the first phase, we set up retailers with the Automated Bid Manager enabled on a set of campaigns, making recommendations for Account Managers to apply as they saw fit, based on their expert knowledge of the account. Then, in phase two, we included more retailers and added more campaigns to those accounts already running the Automated Bid Manager.

The algorithm is search engine-agnostic and has lower barriers to entry than other engine-specific algorithms. It has been created to work with all data sources that are available to DeepSearch, such as engine-specific data, proprietary pixel data, and third-party data.

Our vision is to make the Automated Bid Manager as autonomous as possible so we can lean on artificial intelligence for better data decisions. At the same time, the platform works in tandem with Account Managers to integrate actionable information and expertise (e.g. clients requests, sales, etc.) that make its recommendations even more optimized.

The Challenge

Eco-Products set out to attain their ROAS goal during a 3-month paid search campaign with Adlucent. Having already seen success in the Eco-Products campaigns with manual bid management, the Adlucent team was confident we could take the account to the next level by integrating the Automated Bid Manager into the PPC strategy.

“Advertisers willing to delve into analytics-driven strategies are realizing attainable and dramatic ROI gains by employing optimization and simulation tools to drive their marketing efforts,” based on data from Nielsen. The key was to create a symbiotic relationship between the automated and manual bidding processes in which the whole would be greater than the sum of its parts.

How Adlucent Helped

Here at Adlucent, our Account Managers have a unique position in which they directly influence Deep Search through access to our Data Science team. We are able to constantly iterate on our algorithm based on feedback from our Account Managers to guarantee the best possible performance for our clients. It is as customized of an algorithm as you could get, and our teams make recommendations and feature requests based on the individual needs of each account.

Something unique to Eco-Products is that they had a plethora of keywords due to their long-standing partnership with Adlucent. However, only some of them actually led to revenue increases. Eco-Products’ generally high average order value helped the Account Manager reach the ROAS goals they had set before introducing the Automated Bid Manager to the account. 

Prior to the automation, bid management was performed more irregularly and was mainly dependent on performance and revenue across categorical groupings. With the help of the Automated Bid Manager, the Account Manager was able to implement low-volume pushes across a greater volume of keywords on a daily basis to get traction across more of the account, which is a part of what led to greater revenue at a lower cost-per-click.

Integrating automation, the Account Manager could make frequent goal adjustments and enter any required blackout dates, resulting in the best possible recommendations from the Automated Bid Manager. They also managed necessary overrides using account-specific information that only they would know. Furthermore, the teams would use their discretion to execute exclusively on the best recommendations from the Automated Bid Manager, acting as the final point of confirmation before bids were set. 

As a result, the Account Manager was able to use the micro-decisions from the ABM tool while making in-the-moment decisions from personal experience. In this way, Adlucent is able to offer a complete white-glove approach to PPC.

The Result

Once the Adlucent team set up our Automated Bid Manager for Eco-Products, it recommended bids to our Account Manager that they could either accept or reject. The Account Manager was then able to make manual adjustments in addition to recommendations based on the unique information they might have. Together, over the 3-month time period, the Automated Bid Manager and Account Manager were able to achieve 151% more revenue than expected for the client and surpass the ROAS goal by 250%.

Now able to take advantage of the best of automated and personalized, manual data optimization, Eco-Products experienced significant revenue and ROAS growth over the campaign period.