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How To Prepare For Voice Search


Smart Speakers have achieved exponential growth since Amazon launched Alexa in 2014. First emerging as a convenient way to listen to music, these devices have now become a huge advertising opportunity for brands, with consumers expected to spend an average of $400 shopping for products on their Smart Speakers this year.  Have you considered the implications that this emerging category will have on your brand?

If you’re behind the curve on your planning or if you’d simply like to learn more about how recent Smart Speaker developments will influence advertising, Smart Speakers: Helping Brands Find Their Voice will walk you through:

  • Why Smart Speakers have exceeded growth expectations, with American homes expected to have an average of 2.4 Smart Speakers by 2021.
  • How consumers are currently using Smart Speakers, and the role shopping will play as a dominant functionality.
  • What recent developments such as Google’s announcement of Shopping Actions, and partnerships with Walmart and Target mean for your brand.
  • Four tips you can implement now to prepare.

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