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Our Approach

Adlucent has its own bid management, digital, and retail analytics platform. Our proprietary Deep Search™ tool allows us to manage paid media across PPC, PLA, Social, and Amazon channels more efficiently than the competition, with bid and feed management, machine learning, testing, reporting, and diagnostics as vital components. We can programmatically manage our customers’ accounts down to the profit level by integrating additional data points and predict trends in performance before they happen, helping our customers make better decisions to drive revenue.


SKUs managed

500MM+ SKUs managed


$20MM Invested


Third Party Integrations


Custom Algorithm


Unmatched Performance Predictions


Billions in Revenue Generated


  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data-Driven Decisioning
  • Predictive Advertising
  • Data Activation
  • Data Warehousing
  • Custom Reporting
  • Brand-Centric Algorithms
  • Cross-Channel Data
  • Automated Bid Management
  • Attribution Reporting
  • Amazon Data Reporting

Our Process

Adlucent’s Deep Search platform is the closest a brand can come to building its own internal technology. Adlucent integrates each client’s business goals with available data inputs to create a customized self-learning algorithm. This allows for more accurate attribution reporting based on machine learning. Every day, Adlucent’s algorithms perform over 600,000 calculations per keyword to accurately predict future value. Through machine learning, Deep Search optimizes bid modifiers at the device, time, day of week, and audience levels to ensure you’re reaching your most valuable customers, wherever they are. Reporting is customized for your business. Performance based on account, campaign, ad group, and keyword level will not provide enough detail into what’s really happening in your business. Instead, Adlucent’s reporting reflects your business structure, categories, subcategories, and goals, which allows you to make more informed business decisions.

We also have a data science team that works closely with our clients on attribution reporting to determine how various digital media channels are working together. We are able to help our clients understand the overall lift associated with campaigns across multiple channels – in-store, digital, phone sales, and more, for a holistic view of performance across paid, owned, and earned media. As a result, our data is always accessible and actionable to allow for efficient and intelligent management at scale.


  • Unique Data

    • Channel sales
    • CRM
    • Competitive pricing
    • Product
    • Social
    • Margin
    • Inventory
  • Unique Goals

    • Revenue optimization
    • Cost-per-lead
    • Margin contribution
    • New customer acquisition
    • Lifetime value
  • Capabilities

    • Automated bidding
    • Bid optimization
    • PLA management
    • PPC management
    • Social reporting
    • Amazon reporting
    • Keyword creation

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