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Social Media Awareness Strategy Doubles New Customer Purchases

Brand Performance Boost Ripples Across Channels


Adlucent manages digital marketing across channels for our client, a wellness brand. After a couple of years managing successful paid search campaigns, the Adlucent team noticed a gap in brand awareness we wanted to address to continue growing the business. The brand awareness initiative would provide an opportunity to implement a cross-channel strategy to reach new profitable audiences.

The Challenge

The client was continually struggling with a lack of brand presence and awareness, which in turn had an impact on brand search. New customer acquisition is a major focus for them, and they were seeing below projected numbers due to this lower brand awareness.

How Adlucent Helped

Adlucent proposed that the client fill the funnel by implementing awareness tactics on Facebook. After receiving an awareness budget for paid social media efforts, Adlucent’s team quickly launched awareness campaigns on Facebook and Instagram using a combination of traffic and video views campaigns. We also implemented tactics our Facebook partners endorsed, in order to turn single lifestyle images into videos for both the feed and Instagram Stories, as well as create a full-screen instant experience.

The Result

Within a month after launch, our team helped the client achieve strong new customer counts, and we dug into Facebook’s new and improved Analytics tool to compile data supporting our assumptions that these wins were a result of our efforts. Using Facebook Analytics data we found that:

  • 60% of new site users were reached with a paid social ad

  • Looking at users who met both “paid social impression” and “new customer purchase”, there was a 31% lift in revenue and 25.8% increase in purchases

  • For social campaigns all-in, we saw a 103% increase in new customer purchases looking at before vs. after awareness launch

Having proven the value of running awareness initiatives on Facebook, and by continuing to put about 20% of the monthly budget towards supporting these campaigns, the Adlucent team continues to reach New Customer numbers that surpass client projections.