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Implementing a New Feed Optimization Strategy for an Established PLA Program

New Feed Optimization Strategy Leads to Triple-Digit Growth in Revenue.


A leading fashion specialty retailer struggled to show for PLAs due to insufficient product titles. Their titles lacked brand names, gender, retailer name, and product descriptors. This is a common issue we see when taking on clients from other agencies. Feed management and optimization is listed as a huge challenge for brands, especially those with a large number of SKUs, high inventory turnover, frequent price and promotion changes just to name a few, but is often not a focus area, or even offered, by many agencies.

Utilizing our 62-step process for optimizing retail product feeds, our client was able to see an immediate lift in CTR, impressions, and revenue. Within the first three weeks after Adlucent began optimizing their feed, revenue increased 2.5x and traffic increased 3x.


Adlucent's Approach

Our first tactic was to create more robust product feed attributes. Product titles such as, "Colored Trim Tee," which was a top selling product in stores but a PLA failure, was adjusted to include brand name, gender, retailer name, and product descriptors. The new title, “Dolce & Gabbana Color Printed Trim Tee at Retailer Name – Women’s Short-Sleeve Tee Shirts – Women’s Shirts” captured significantly more traffic that became more efficient over time, reducing wasted ad spend. 

With our proprietary search and analytics platform, Deep Search, the team was able to automate the fashion retailer's feed update process. With a product catalog that’s constantly changing, our automation of their feed update process ensured that new products were always included in the feed with fully optimized titles.

By the end of the quarter Adlucent more than quadrupled traffic 4x and increased revenue by 3.7x.


Adlucent’s methodology ensures that the right product appears for each query, and our client’s feed is updated daily, or even more often if needed, taking into account newly discovered queries and product sales data.   

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