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Finding New Customers

Wasserstrom Grows PPC Revenue by 61% with Audience Expansion.


The Wasserstrom Company, which began as a local, family-run business, has steadily grown to become one of the largest restaurant suppliers and distributors of foodservice products, in both commercial and retail. Wasserstrom carries one of the most diverse and comprehensive product lines in the foodservice industry, offering products such as dinnerware, storage items, kitchen and cooking supplies, bakery equipment, catering supplies, and custom fabricated stainless products. 

Acquiring New Customers with Little Brand Recognition

Wasserstrom has two primary customer segments: their corporate customers who have established programs with Wasserstrom, and who tend to be reoccurring buyers with large order volumes, and their “public” customers who purchase less frequently and in small volume. Public customers are Wasserstrom’s primary targets for PPC advertising. Their biggest challenges they face include developing brand recognition and acquiring new customers in the public segment. 


Finding New (Look Alike) Customers

Wasserstrom turned to Adlucent’s Audience Expansion solution to capture new audiences and increase efficiency in paid search. Adlucent started by using Wasserstrom’s public customer data to identify the key characteristics of their best buyers. We then added 3rd party data to create in-depth customer profiles. 

When I saw the results for the first 90 days of our Audience Expansion test, I was astonished and truly excited. Adlucent has increased our revenue by more than 60% in search and PLA's. They were also able to find and convert new customers in areas where we previously had no clicks. I am eager to see what will happen when the program is fully implemented.
- Jeff Evans
eCommerce Operations Manager

Revenue Increases Over 50% in 90 Days

Adlucent was able to measure the impact that Audience Expansion was having on performance by creating test and control groups in Wasserstrom’s existing campaigns. During the first 90 days, performance for the test group grew significantly. Without increasing spend, search revenue increased 61% and PLA revenue was up 51%. Revenue in our test group increased without an impact on spend. Wasserstrom also captured new audiences that had not previously shopped with them before.

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