Five Keys to
Profitable Growth
with Google Shopping

Google Product Search is now Google Shopping, a product advertising service that's quickly growing thanks to positive consumer response rates. With product listing ads (PLAs) now accounting for 30%-50% of paid search budgets, retailers must implement the right management and growth strategy in order to grow profitably.

In this complimentary report, you'll learn five ways to grow your Google Shopping program. You'll also see how two retailers were able to achieve triple-digit growth in click-through rates, conversion, and revenue by implementing these tips.

Download the report to learn:

  • The advantages Google Shopping has over Google Product Search
  • How retailers should setup their feed to maximize reach
  • Ways retailers can predict their strongest performing products and product targets
  • How paid search and product listing ads work together to increase
    overall paid search profitability
  • Tips for managing search programs to margin instead of
    aggressively increasing spend
Five Keys to Profitable Growth with Google Shopping

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