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Adlucent’s Deep Search™ Platform Tracks Volatile Demand to Achieve ROI and Revenue Goals

Paid Search Strategy Helps Tackle COVID-19 Challenges


A leading online specialty sports retailer, with over 30K products, felt the impact of COVID-19 when they struggled with inventory management, shifting customer demand, and the efficiency of their paid search program. Adlucent’s paid search team used our Deep Search™ bid manager to quickly identify changes in demand for the client’s categories and products to improve revenue and traffic.

The Challenge

The client faced several challenges starting in March 2020 due to COVID’s impact. For starters, the inventory challenges that caused many items to be out of stock or on backorder temporarily. This issue was then coupled with rapidly changing customer demand in their industry, and fluctuating competition in the Google paid search auction. The online sports retailer needed their paid search strategy to achieve its fluctuating efficiency goals to continue as a profitable program, despite the volatility and unprecedented challenges that COVID presented.

How Adlucent Helped

Adlucent used Deep Search™, our digital campaign, product feed, and analytics technology, to adapt quickly and maximize traffic and revenue opportunities.

Our paid search team closely monitored consumer trends to identify when demand for the client’s categories and products was changing. Simultaneously, the sporting goods retailer had fluctuating ROI goals for their paid search campaigns based on their profitability targets internally. We leveraged Deep Search™’s proprietary and custom automated bid algorithm to couple these two moving targets together and quickly and safely adjusted strategy. Our platform was able to marry several sets of complex, rapidly changing data inputs to ramp bids up and down and achieve the target ROI, without leaving money on the table or overspending.

The Result

The strategy was effective in driving strong results in April and May:
60% increase in revenue YoY
18% improvement in ROI



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