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Mobile Ads Boost In-Store Purchases

Home Decor Retailer Uses Mobile Ads to Boost In-Store Purchases, Influencing a 111% YoY Increase in Omnichannel Revenue.


Our client, a large home furnishing and decor retailer with several brands under its scope, needed help expanding the reach of their four brands that have both an online and storefront presence.  While Adlucent has been steadily growing this client’s Shopping performance for several years, they were hoping to better understand how mobile Shopping Ads drive storefront sales. Their drive for excellence is the perfect match for Adlucent’s Better Every Day company philosophy, as we enjoy testing new methods of measurement, discovering ways to improve performance, and leveraging interesting new uses for data to gain insights.

The Challenge

Focusing on their four brands that have an online and offline presence, the retailer wanted to maximize their mobile initiatives using digital ads to increase in-store revenue.  Our client had a hunch that their mobile advertising efforts had a substantial impact on in-store sales but that they weren’t quite seeing the full picture. They wanted to gain visibility into the revenue that mobile search was driving so they could make more informed decisions about budget allocation in the future.

How Adlucent Helped

Since 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphones end up purchasing in-store within 24 hours, mobile has a huge impact on the bottom line.  So we took a deep-dive into the relationship between mobile ads and in-store purchases for the four brands that have both an e-commerce and storefront presence. To get this done, we utilized strategic methods of cross-device and offline measurement from Google paired alongside a partnership with third-party data providers. While working with Adlucent, the retailer began collaborating with members of teams across their organization to leverage storefront sales data.  Once we had their data, we matched their storefront sales data with their mobile conversion information to shine a light on how mobile was impacting in-store sales.


Mobile was influencing significantly more of our clients’ in-store sales than they originally thought.  Adding to this, our client found that they were missing out on some well-deserved credit in the mobile channel.  After matching their mobile advertising data to their storefront purchase data, we found that mobile had influenced 31% more of their in-store purchases than if they were to measure based upon online metrics alone.  


With a better understanding of the important role mobile has on in-store sales, the client decided to increase their investment in the mobile channel.  It paid off, as omnichannel revenue influenced by mobile increased a whopping 111% YoY.

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