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Google Shopping Ads Help Holiday Business Boom For Club Store

By Optimizing and Building out Their Pla and Mobile Programs, Wholesale Retailer's Holiday Season Sees a 1,300% Increase in Revenue and 199% Cross-Device Conversion Growth.


A major club store was looking for an agency that could help them create a better shopping experience for their current customers, help them roll out an online membership model, and acquire new customers through digital advertising.  In addition to text ads and dynamic remarketing, they knew Shopping Ads would play a critical part of their program but they just weren’t seeing the same performance as other retailers. With the holiday season fast approaching, the retailer knew they had to get their program in place to make the 2017 holiday season one for the record books.  After meeting with several search agencies, they were most impressed by Adlucent’s deep expertise in Shopping and they felt confident their program would be in good hands.

A Fresh Start

The Adlucent Shopping team began by breaking apart the client’s PLA program.  We focused on three primary areas including account architecture, feed optimization, and predictive bid management to ensure we were displaying the best product for each query while also efficiently managing spend.  Through these efforts, we were able to improve the shopping experience for their customers by connecting them to the exact products they were looking for in the easiest way possible.

Next, we developed a plan to acquire new customers through PLAs. Where their efforts were initially quite small in scope, we opened up their search program by conducting a large clean-up effort paired with much-needed architecture changes as well.  This opened up opportunities to leverage locations and audiences, getting more personalized with their target audiences.

By using customer location data, our PLA team created location-based ads that were focused on key locations that our client pinpointed as growth targets.  We also layered on Custom Audiences to specific sets of individuals based upon actions and profiles.

By leveraging responsive ads that used unique methods of personalization and segmentation, we were able to create a custom message, thus increasing conversion rates.  

In parallel with these efforts, our team also built out our client’s mobile program so they began reaching bottom-of-the-funnel consumers who were more action-oriented and likely to convert.  We did this by evaluating their query data and increasing spend on actionable search terms such as “paper towels near me.” Since location-based queries have climbed 146% since January of 2015, we knew this was a channel our client could not afford to miss. Additionally, we helped our client look at the role mobile was playing in cross-device conversions so they could better see how mobile was influencing sales among omnichannel shoppers.  After implementing each of these strategies, we began testing and optimizing their program so our client was prepared for the big holiday season ahead.



By creating a more customized and personal experience for customers and prospects, our client was able to run a Shopping program that resonated and drove conversions.  In fact, our efforts resulted in a massive 233% increase in revenue YoY with only a 14% increase in spend. With the clean-up behind us, we generated $266,000 in revenue from new, untapped audience sources while also increasing ROAS throughout the holidays. But what’s most impressive were the results generated by the mobile channel during the holiday season.  In Q4 of 2017, mobile generated a whopping 1,300% increase in revenue. Adding to this, cross-device conversions grew 199% in Q4 of 2017 alone. With our help, our client was able to create a better experience for current customers, obtain new customers, grow revenue during the competitive holiday season.

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