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Adlucent's purpose-built platform, Deep Search™, achieves 31% higher revenue than Google's Search Ads 360

Head to Head Test Proves Better Performance, Increases Traffic and Reveals Audience Insights


Signature Hardware, a large home renovation and design ecommerce company, came to Adlucent to understand why their paid search efforts were not improving year over year. We decided to run a DMA geographical split test to see how Deep Search campaigns performed against SA360 and uncovered valuable insights to grow revenue and efficiency.

The Challenge

Signature Hardware's search campaigns were not improving YoY. They looked to Adlucent to come up with a testing strategy to determine the right bidding strategy and structure that would help them improve their search campaign performance.

How Adlucent Helped

Adlucent developed an effective bid management strategy that helped boost the client's search campaigns performance and uncover limitations of the SA360 bidding strategy that led to a decline in search performance. Over three months, we performed a designated market area (DMA) geographic split test for Signature Hardware's top product categories with the control group's campaigns managed by SA360's Budget Bid Strategy. And, the test group's campaigns were managed by our Deep Search bid manager.

We saw that utilizing SA360 alone, without the help of Deep Search, lowered audience reach, decreased efficiency, and cut off conversion paths that would otherwise increase revenue. However, layering them together allowed us to adapt faster to fluctuating demand and changes. The dynamic duo of SA360 bolstered by Deep Search uncovered a shift in customer demographics from an older to younger age range by leveraging audience data.

The Result

The DMA geographic split test resulted in Adlucent's campaigns achieving significantly higher revenue for all categories in the third month of the test. Overall, Adlucent's campaigns achieved 7% higher revenue for the three months and with ROAS improving MoM. In the last month of the test, Adlucent's campaigns had 31% higher revenue and 22% higher ROAS compared to the SA360 campaigns.



Throughout the entirety of the test, the Adlucent campaigns observed higher traffic at cheaper CPCs and brought in more new users than SA360.

Because the SA360 budget bidding solution has a learning period when budgets are changed each month, the SA360 campaigns would decrease traffic and revenue at the beginning each month. Because the Deep Search bidding solution does not have a learning period, we were able to capture revenue SA360 missed during periods when budgets were adjusted at the beginning of each month and through holidays/seasonal periods.

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