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Creating Digital Co-Op Programs at Scale for Brands and Retailers to Make the Most of Every Ad Dollar, Together

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Our Approach

With 70% of consumers starting their initial product discovery online, brands and retailers are beginning to shift their co-op resources from storefront to digital product discovery. While co-op marketing used to be all about brands and retailers sharing costs to advertise their products in retail, co-op ad dollars are working even harder online. Adlucent helps brands and retailers revamp the entire co-op process. Adlucent is the first agency partnering with both Google and Bing on co-op bidding alphas, and we have extensive experience, having begun our co-op bidding services in 2009. We invest marketing funds together strategically to build loyalty, drive more traffic and sales, and help clients stay ahead of competitors. For example, one of our brands grew revenue 46% during our co-op flight and 132% year over year as a result of our co-op partnership. 


  • Brand Co-Op Marketing
  • Retail Co-Op Marketing
  • Product Feed Syndication
  • Digital Merchandising Strategy
  • Strategy and Negotiations
  • Co-Op Investment Reporting
  • Retailer and Brand Dashboards
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Reaching the Right Audiences

Our Process

For Brands

Only 28% of purchase decisions today are made in stores. More and more, consumers are researching and buying products online and across devices. To win the sale, brands must have a strong digital presence. By partnering with top retailers, you can curate the digital shelf and drive more purchases both on and offline. Adlucent helps brands make better use of their co-op investments to generate more traffic, sales and grow brand loyalty. We start by aggregating, optimizing and syndicating your product assets to Google and other networks to control how your brand is shown and advertised across Google, improve digital merchandising and “shelf space,” and grow sales through all retailers that sell your products. We then develop co-op advertising partnerships with retailers who will promote your brand so you can gain ownership over your brand and category, get prioritized over your competitors, and drive measurable results.

Brand Spotlight

Feed and shopping restructuring led to a 130% growth in shopping revenue and a 225% increase in traffic YoY for one of our clients.

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Co-Op for Brand

Our Process

For Retailers

By allocating more co-op dollars to digital ads, both retailers and brands can connect with shoppers where they start their research process – online. These shoppers can be nurtured through a variety of digital touchpoints until they're ready to make their purchase, whether that's online or offline.

Adlucent helps retailers build more efficient and effective digital co-op programs to drive greater traffic, sales, and secure additional investments from brands. We start by working with retailers to identify brand opportunities and create initiatives to capture co-op funds. Next, we build and execute digital advertising campaigns aligned with both retailer and brand goals. This ensures you’re connecting with the right audiences across every relevant touchpoint to maximize impressions, traffic, and results. Finally, we measure and share all relevant performance results, including footfall and audience insights. This gives brands visibility into performance in order to justify spend and creates a long-term trusted partnership.

Retailer Spotlight

One of our retailers grew revenue by 39% during the co-op flight, which was a 187% growth in revenue YoY

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