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Weekly News Digest on COVID-19 – 05/01/20

Posted by Maureen Lomo on May 1, 2020

Adlucent is continuing to help our partners confidently forge ahead and find marketing success through challenges. Adlucent resources like this newsletter keep clients aware of imperative ecommerce and digital marketing information about COVID-19. Due to the fast-changing situation, we’re sharing weekly updates of relevant news. To stay in the know as we publish these digests, sign up for our email newsletter.

When Will Shopping Activity Resume? – eMarketer

Physical retail has been one of the hardest-hit industries during this pandemic. Recently, a few states have lifted their quarantine measures to allow physical retail shopping, with some restrictions. Despite this, few retailers predict that normal shopping activity will resume in the immediate future. In a March poll of US retailers, a majority of the respondents, nearly 60%, stated they expected to see retail recovery no sooner than in three months and up to a year. 40% of retailers believe a bounce-back would happen in thirty to ninety days, and the remaining 2% envision a return to normal in fewer than thirty days. Local businesses are particularly impacted by the lack of brick-and-mortar shopping. However, a poll from Business Insider Intelligence offers a ray of hope. Nearly 17% of shoppers reported they would shop more often in person once the crisis ends, and over 60% stated they would keep their same in-person shopping habits.

Instagram Publishes New Guide to Help Businesses Make Best Use of the Platform Amid COVID-19 – SocialMediaToday

Instagram has produced a thirteen-page COVID-19 playbook to teach businesses how to take advantage of its platform tools during this pandemic. The guide, located in the new COVID-19 Resource Directory section of the app, provides information that brands and marketers can use to optimize performance and keep audience connection. The first part of the playbook, Taking Action during COVID-19, touches on how features like IGTV, Stories, and Instagram Live can currently assist brands. Next, the Tips and Ideas section provides pointers and more specific explanations to support businesses in customizing their Instagram.

GMB Usage Declines but Poised to Become More Powerful Post-Coronavirus – Search Engine Land

Google My Business (GMB) engagement has shifted, adapting to the change in behavior caused by COVID-19. Mostly, behavior has trended toward buying online instead of in person. Local queries have remained consistent, but the fulfillment and transaction types have changed. This is illustrated in the spike of “nearby takeout/delivery” versus “restaurant reservations” searches. 

Though there has also been a decline in automotive, retail, and restaurant queries, hope is seen in the recent uptick in engagement, which may be replicating increases in online shopping, instigated by customers receiving stimulus checks. After stay-at-home life, local businesses will still need GMB to communicate refreshed services, product availability, and updated hours. GMB features like Posts, which enable businesses to update and communicate with customers, will become even more important and widely used.  

US Consumers Are Flocking to TikTok – eMarketer

TikTok has grown rapidly, especially during COVID-19. eMarketer reported that the US unique visitors went up by 12 million+ in March, topping 52 million. Also notable is that the amount of time spent on TikTok has grown over 26% in March from January. The reasons for this impressive growth are live-streaming, wide distribution to other platforms, and young adults and teens spending more time in the house. Furthermore, eMarketer forecasted that 2020 US internet users of TikTok accounts would be up nearly 22% from 2019. The growing usage has attracted marketers and has demonstrated great success with cause marketing.

How to Join The Amazon Vine Program [April 2020 Update] – Adlucent

Adlucent explained the Amazon Vine Program in an earlier article. However, in response to COVID-19, Amazon suspended this program to focus on medical supplies, household goods, and other essential items. To supplement the program loss, we’ve updated the post by compiling tips for driving traffic to listings and generating reviews.

  • Leave package insert cards to encourage shoppers to leave a review.
  • Utilize 3rd party review sites to create order information, customized emails, and review requests.
  • Explore Amazon Posts as a free option to drive traffic to SKUs. Provide customers a link to the brand feed to share Posts or share Posts via images and custom communication to help shoppers discover products. 
  • Use the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, which permits Amazon to promote one product SKU for customer review. The review costs $60 payable upon receipt or at the year-to-date timeframe.

The above overview highlights this week’s important ecommerce news related to COVID-19. Visit the Adlucent website for ongoing information on the current situation. 

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