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Run A+ Content A/B Tests Using Amazon Manage Your Experiments

Posted by Victoria Flores on December 10, 2019

It’s every brand’s dream to understand what truly motivates their customers to click that coveted buy button. Running experiments through split testing allows advertisers to uncover the secret by testing out changes in different variables. Does color impact my audience? If I update my product imagery, will that improve engagement?

For brands selling on Amazon, the wait is finally over. An A/B testing feature recently became available and is free for qualifying sellers to use until the end of 2019. This testing helps companies on Vendor or Seller Central to figure out what A+ (or Enhanced Brand) Content influences customers to convert on listings. Let’s look into which variables you can test, how to set up your experiments, and how to know if you’re eligible to use A/B testing for your Amazon A+ Content.

Amazon A+ Content Variables You Can Test


Some variables that you can test through Manage Your Experiments (MYE) are:

Product Imagery: You can test imagery that highlights different features of the product in one version and lifestyle imagery in the other.





  • Headline Message: Headlines reel people in. Try out different engaging headlines to motivate customers to learn more about a product.
  • Layout Structure: Optimizing the way you arrange your A+ Content can drive the sale home.

For your A/B test, choose only one of these variables to change in your A+ content. If you change more than one, you ruin the opportunity to have meaningful data. It will be difficult to pinpoint what made customers engage and buy a product if you test out different images and layout structures. Want to try ’em all? Don’t fret. You can test out another variable after your initial experiment is done to snag even more data. Your main objective is to discover the best way to guide and educate your customers on what you’re selling.

How to Get Started with Amazon Experiments?

Regardless if you are viewing the Content Experiment feature in Seller Central or Vendor Central, you will see the MYE dashboard. This is where you will begin your A/B testing journey.

Amazon MYE Dashboard

From here, click on “Create a New Experiment” to see which of your ASINs is eligible for an A+ Experiment.


Once you click “Select” on the ASIN you choose, you will be taken to the next section to begin setting up your experiment.

Amazon Manage Your Experiments A/B Testing

After you select the ASIN that you want to optimize:

  1. Decide on which variable to test
  2. Create the second version of your A+ Content


Once you have everything planned out, go back into Manage Your Experiments:

  1. Name your experiment, set the duration and start date
  2. Submit both version A and B for approval for the same ASIN
  3. After both are approved, you can run your A/B experiments!


Your customers will be delivered version A or B of your A+ Content. Data from this experiment will help you determine which version to post depending on engagement or sales. As for the duration of the experiment, Vendors/Sellers have the option to run it for 4-10 weeks. We recommend a longer duration to gain more accurate data from your sample.


Tip: Base your experiment on a high-traffic ASIN. You can pull in a large audience sample that can result in valuable data to drive a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the winning variation.


Who is Eligible to A/B Test A+ Content?

According to Amazon, in order to run A+ Content split tests through MYE, you must be a selling partner that:


  1. Owns a brand registered with Brand Registry 
  2. Has high-traffic ASINs
  3. Has published A+ content on those ASINs


If you do not meet all of these criteria, you will be given a warning in Seller or Vendor Central that looks something like this:

Amazon A+ Experiments Seller Warning

Amazon A+ Experiment Recap

Driving more sales is the main purpose of running A/B tests on Amazon. By setting up experiments for your A+ Content, you are opening the door to data that will help you increase the performance of your product listings. If you are eligible to use this feature, take advantage of the valuable insights. Optimizing your Amazon product listings for your customers is key to a successful marketplace strategy. Amazon A/B testing removes the guesswork that goes into advertisers’ creative content. What more could Vendors and Sellers ask for? 

If you’re a business is interested in running A/B test for your A+ Content, our team of Adlucent Amazon experts can successfully run and manage your advertising. Reach out today!

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