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Get Ready for Prime Day 2019

Posted by Maureen Lomo on May 30, 2019

amazon-prime-dayYear after year, online shoppers anticipate Prime Day, Amazon’s annual worldwide sales event. Prime Day 2019, the fifth annual Prime Day, will be no exception and should be the biggest one to date.

With nearly 64% of US households with Amazon Prime subscriptions in 2019, according to Statista, it’s no wonder the Black Friday of Amazon is on the rise. Each year, the sales holiday revenue gets close to doubling, so we should see final numbers come in around $7 billion, looking at prior years’ sales.

Including special brick-and-mortar savings at Amazon-owned grocery chain, Whole Foods, this year, Amazon has more surprises in store (pun intended) than ever. Rumor has it there may even be Alexa-exclusive deals, so keep an eye on your smart speaker, too.


Although Prime Day is designed for Amazon’s 100+ million Prime members, Prime Day savings attract non-member Amazon shoppers as well, both to the marketplace and other ecommerce sites, as they browse competitor sites for discounts while they’re in the shopping spirit. The extra traffic brings value for Amazon Sellers and retail brands alike. With sales totaling billions, and nearly doubling from one year to the next, there is little doubt that Prime Day 2019 will blow last year’s record sales of $4.19 billion out of the water.

Numbers like these lead numerous brands to participate in Amazon Prime Day and, combined, to offer over a million deals in order to capitalize on Prime Day traffic and increase brand recognition. Whether it's getting more eyes on new listings, launching the latest product, or increasing sales on already bestselling items, brands should absolutely participate in Prime Day 2019. Simply put, taking advantage of Prime Day 2019 will help improve the bottom line.

This year, Adlucent surveyed over 1000 consumers about their Prime Day experiences. The results of this informative survey will be released as a Whitepaper next month. However, read below to discover what brands should do and know now in order to leverage Prime Day 2019. Sign up to get notified as soon as the Whitepaper is released.

We’ll answer questions such as:

When Should Brands Be Ready for Prime Day?

This year’s Prime Day is predicted to take place on July 16 from 12:00 PM PT (3:00 PM ET) until July 17 at 11:59 PM PT (3:00 AM ET). However, the general public never knows exactly when Prime Day will fall until a week or so before the event. In 2018, Amazon threw a curveball with an extra long sales event, launching Prime Day at 3 PM on July 16th and running it through July 17th. And, speculation swirls that Prime Day 2019 will extend 6 hours longer than Prime Day 2018, making it the longest Prime Day ever. Don’t let your brand get caught off-guard. The ample lead time leaves plenty of notice to prepare for a new twist or an extended Prime Day 2019.

What Distinguishes Prime Day 2019 from Prime Day 2018?

Amazon will celebrate Prime Day 2019 with events and surprises, such as special edition products, new items and exclusive content and deals from trusted emerging and established brands.



Additionally, Amazon Prime Day has gone offline as well. Shoppers can visit Whole Foods, where Prime subscribers will have in-store grocery benefits. Whole Foods customers with Prime subscriptions will receive an extra 10% off selected items in addition to the usual 10% Prime membership discount.

How Can Brands Make the Most of Prime Day 2019?  

Any company strategy to increase sales and improve brand recognition should include Amazon Prime Day participation. Visibility on Prime Day creates a halo effect, resulting in increased sales in the subsequent days and up to weeks after the event. In the afterglow, the increased sales improve product sales ranking and organic placement in search listings. The most popular ways brands can capitalize on the expected 4x traffic on Prime Day is through Sponsored Product Campaigns and Lightning Deals.

Whereas Sponsored Product Campaigns are Amazon’s regular paid advertisements, Lightning Deals are promotional offers featuring an item for a limited number of hours, usually 4 to 12 hours (as determined by Amazon), on the Amazon Deals page. As a general practice, but particularly if a brand submitted Lightning Deals (which were due to Amazon May 10th), the following procedures should be implemented for a successful Prime Day 2019:

How Do Brands Best Prepare for Prime Day 2019? What Are Some Inventory Needs and Product Listing Requirements Brands Should Keep in Mind?

Sponsored Product campaigns and Lightning Deal ads aren’t the only way for brands to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2019. At a minimum, brands can leverage the increased site visits on Prime Day by maximizing product listings to their fullest potential:

  • Prepare for the influx of new purchases by ensuring sufficient inventory levels – especially for best selling products.
    • Item inventory should be fully stocked by July 1st.
  • Optimize product keywords.
  • Ensure that high-traffic keywords constitute product titles, descriptions and bullets
  • Attract customers to click by utilizing high-quality product images.

How Should Brands That Sell on Amazon (And Direct) Allocate Prime Day 2019 Budgets? What is The Best Budget Strategy for Prime Day 2019?  

Adlucent’s Head of Amazon Strategy, Cara Ferguson, explains, “The best way to allocate budget expenditure for Prime Day is to review the last 30-60 days of campaign data and plan for a 20-30% increase in bids.”  

After identifying the top converting keywords, optimize campaign budgets to ensure their visibility. Then, increase the daily budgets in the days leading up to Prime Day, on Prime Day, and also the day after.



Be Primed for Success!

As Prime Day 2019 nears, brands can get ahead of the curve by assessing their Prime Day strategy and implementing best practices. By taking heed of the tips above and by reviewing the upcoming Adlucent Prime Day 2019 Whitepaper, your brand can join Amazon in having a record-setting Prime Day 2019!

Download Our Prime Day Whitepaper!

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