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Pinterest 2020 Agency Workshop Centers on "Commitment"

Posted by Steve Bonino on February 14, 2020

In 2017, Pinterest opened The Workshop at its headquarters in San Francisco. The creative studio club has rooms and equipment available for Pinterest employees, Pinners, and those working on Pinterest projects to help them create, practice, and learn – perhaps with ideas inspired by the Pinterest 100 list.


When it first opened, The Workshop, which is best described as a creative coworking space, began hosting monthly and quarterly programming. Now, this includes content tailored to specific groups like digital marketing experts and agency partners. That's why, last month, Pinterest invited Adlucent to collaborate with leaders from Pinterest's Product, Marketing, Engineering, and Sales teams at its Pinterest 2020 Agency Workshop. At this creative session, Pinterest made clear its theme of commitment, which permeates the Pinterest ecosystem. This value extends from Pinterest executives and employees to the Pinners, Pinterest shoppers, and the brands that benefit from the vibrant Pinterest community.

Here's what the Adlucent' team learned about Pinterest's spirit of commitment across the board(s).

Commitment to Pinners

Pinterest is committed to its bedrock, which is, of course, its Pinners. Adlucent experts observed the spirit of "doing what is best for the Pinner" first-hand. Specifically, Pinterest employees illustrated a desire to assess business strategy with that ethos at the forefront of decisions. Furthermore, the Pinterest platform is one of the most visual and user-centric in social media.

"At Pinterest, our mission is to help you discover and do what you love. That means showing you ideas that are relevant, interesting, and personal to you, and making sure you don't see anything that's inappropriate or spammy." – Pinterest Community Guidelines

With the community at the forefront of the Pinterest strategy, the company's desire to grow its user base and advertising revenue will not likely come at the expense of a quality user experience.

Commitment to Shoppers

Furthermore, the Pinterest platform has a natural tendency to drive shopping behavior, facilitating their commitment to driving sales for brands. Seemingly, pinning and purchasing go hand-in-hand. According to Pinterest data, "89% of U.S. Pinners use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase." Because Pinners are accustomed to the visibility of brands while pinning, high-quality, well-targeted ads fit seamlessly among native Pinterest posts and are not treated as an unwelcome disruption. This allows Pinterest to maintain and strengthen its shopping potential and take advantage of shoppable features. In fact, at the Agency Workshop, Adlucent learned that Pinterest is building new products and improving existing ones to capitalize on their natural strengths as a shopping inspiration platform. As the platform improves its Pinterest Shopping Ads offering, brands and agencies can more easily bring their products directly to Pinners as they browse.

Commitment to Agency Partnership

Pinterest shopping is successful because of the brands that support the platform. These companies rely on agencies to guide the best strategy and execution to engage and drive revenue from Pinners. Pinterest is committed to agency partnerships to make the most of the visually-motivated community they've created.


Through the inclusion of the Agency Workshop in its programming, Pinterest demonstrated its commitment to the agency model, acknowledging that agencies – like Adlucent – tackle the industry's biggest challenges and opportunities. Pinterest's planned improvements to their Business Manager, Ads Manager, Pinterest Academy, native reporting, and API all show their dedication to providing clarity and control for those who buy media on their platform.

By allowing multiple top independent agencies to obtain in-person feedback from various product teams during the Agency Workshop, Pinterest gave experts the insight to act upon and leverage new ideas and business relationships for the benefit of their clients. Offering Adlucent access to problem-solving sessions with Pinterest's Product, Marketing, Engineering, and Sales teams, Pinterest's Agency Workshop strengthened Adlucent's ability to provide its clients top-notch paid social media services on the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest 100

Another way that Pinterest commits to its partners is by sharing its tools and information to benefit companies that use Pinterest's data to inform their marketing strategies. One such tool is the Pinterest 100 guide, which captures what's trending on Pinterest to inspire Pinners and advertisers alike. Through the guide, what's being pinned and subsequently bought on Pinterest indicates where the interest of a huge shopping demographic lies, namely, women and Millenials. Pinterest states that "73% of U.S. women 25-54 use Pinterest, and 52% of U.S. Millennials use the platform." Pinterest trends indicate major points of interest in driving sales through social media marketing.


Following popular trends, advertisers get a sense of which keywords to target in digital marketing. For example, some of the top trends in the latest guide include 90s Rerun, Beyond Binary, Conscious Consumption, Home Hub, and more. In a broader category, one can see the trending searches and the popular product within it. Likewise, within the 90s, Rerun group, coinciding items, such as 90s music, 90s fashion, and 90s hair accessories, can be seen. So, agencies that run campaigns based on different trends can use specific keyword insights from Pinterest in a targeting strategy.

As shown through the Agency Workshop experience, Pinterest's commitment to excellence benefits all involved. From maintaining and improving the pinning experience for its Pinners and shoppers to educating its partners, Pinterest shows it cares. As the Pinterest team has expressed commitment and knowledge with Adlucent, our team is better able to lead our clients to increase Pinterest sales and improve paid social media strategy.

If your business is looking for a partner for Pinterest or other paid social media marketing, reach out to Adlucent today. We're excited to help you grow your brand.

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