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Maximizing Holiday Profit with SA360 Seasonality Adjustments

Posted by JohnPaul Aguilar on November 9, 2020

We're expecting large surges in traffic over the holidays – even more than in previous years. Retailers are starting their Black Friday sales weeks early to capitalize on the increase in online shopping. However, most retailers don't have the budget to support a massive, month-long holiday promotion. So, how can they make the most of the holiday season? One efficient solution is to use SA360 Seasonality Adjustments in conjunction with historical data.

What are Seasonality Adjustments?

While Auction Time bidding uses its signals, it doesn't acknowledge manual dayparting. Letting the algorithm bid autonomously means you lose control over your holiday pushes.

Seasonality Adjustments, on the other hand, allow advertisers to maintain control. The feature will enable you to spend more when expecting a higher-than-average CVR. Key use cases include scheduling modifiers for a holiday weekend, a short promo, or the final day of a sale.

Make the Most of Each Holiday

Every holiday performs differently, so you can use each peak shopping day's data to inform your strategy. With a limited budget, it's essential not to apply a modifier too early, or you'd risk burning through a budget that could be useful for other days. Analyzing holidays from previous years is a great way to maximize your profits. If Black Friday has a higher historical CVR than Cyber Monday, we should assign separate bids. You can create distinct bids by making two Seasonality adjustments, one for each holiday.

Even outside of the high-traffic holiday shopping days, key events for your business, like a new product launch, for instance, maybe a perfect opportunity to employ a seasonality adjustment. Google recommends setting them for somewhere between a day and a week so that you could consider any significant sale as a possible use case.

Make the Most of Each Segment

In addition to pushing when profitable, you should also push where profitable. A marginal CPA analysis provides insight into the scalability of a particular segment. For example, say your shopping campaigns are nearing a point of diminishing returns. You can create two more Seasonality Adjustments, one for Shopping and one for Search — the mCPA of shopping warrants a less aggressive push than Non-Brand, which has room to scale. 

Using Seasonality Adjustments this way can significantly increase your revenue without sacrificing efficiency. Using Time-of-Click reports and mCPA analyses for each segment can guide you even further. Instead of running a static bid target, consider a surgical push to make the most of your every dollar.

If your business needs help with managing SA360 Seasonality Adjustments or your digital marketing strategy in general, Adlucent is here to support your company through the holidays and beyond. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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