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How to Improve Your Creative Social Media Strategy

Posted by Lindsey Brunner on April 29, 2019

Let's Get Creative

As tools and trends evolve in the social space, mastering speaking to audiences in a way that will resonate most with them is a continual learning process. From videos to copy, consumers respond differently to messaging at each stage of their customer journey. Tailoring your brand’s creative messaging to align with each stage is crucial to success.

While there is no silver bullet for creative strategy on social media, we at Adlucent have come very close with what we like to call our “Creative Formula.” Through the valuable insights gained throughout our years of experience, continued industry research, and lots of testing, we have refined our method to approaching creative strategy into one formula that dictates our creative recommendations at every stage of our clients’ customer journey.

Organizing by where the customer is in your marketing funnel, follow our set of guidelines and goals to approaching creative at each stage:

Upper Funnel

The goal here is to educate and inform your audience. Take this opportunity to tell your brand story and give an introduction into who you are and what type of products or services you provide. What type of creative works best for this?

Videos + Stories. Video is a top priority here, as it continues to gain traction in the marketplace for its effectiveness at driving high traffic volume and conversions at lower costs. For these videos, focus on introducing your brand or product to potential customers. When creating video assets, we also encourage our clients to create a 9:16 cut to fit the format of Instagram Stories.

Instant experiences. Take over the full screen on mobile with an instant experience (formerly known as canvas). Here, we recommend that you use various lifestyle assets and infographics, along with informative copy. Facebook provides templates to make creating these instant experiences so much easier. You have the ability to provide a holistic first-look at what you offer before potential customers even visit your site.

Carousels. Here, we want to create an engaging swipe-through experience. View each carousel card as an opportunity to highlight a different product benefit. Taking it a step further, incorporating video in carousels is a particularly engaging experience, as viewers will want to swipe to the next card to follow the rest of the story. Target is a great example of a best-use case for video carousels because they create their videos so that each card appears to interact with the next.




The final recommendation we’d like to emphasize for upper funnel creative is to use lifestyle videos and imagery across all ad types. In the A/B testing we have conducted, lifestyle-focused imagery has repeatedly outperformed product-focused imagery. Through this testing, we consistently saw lifestyle imagery drive higher clicks and consideration at lower costs.

Lower Funnel

At the lower end of the funnel, the goal is to personalize and persuade in order to drive the sale. Here is where you will focus your creative on “why you should buy from us” and provide the push or incentive needed to get your customer to convert. How do we do this?

Copy. There are all sorts of ways to get creative here, but the priority should be to customize your copy to speak to a specific audience. Avoiding generic messaging will make your customer more likely to convert as the ad copy will speak directly to them and the stage they are in. Try out these examples based on targeting in your next campaign:

  • CRM list: “We bet you’d like this…”
  • Page Visitors: “You missed something…”, “[Your Brand] has something new for you…”
  • Cart Abandoners (DPAs): “Your shopping cart misses you…”

Writing copy can be tricky, so try to avoid some common mistakes:

  • Using the same “generic” copy across all audiences. While this seems like the easiest route to take, it will not be the most effective in getting you the results you want to see. We recommend coming up with a couple of copy variations and testing them to see what speaks best to each audience.
  • Don’t get too wordy. Keeping it short and sweet will get your message across effectively, while also saving you time in the writing process.
  • Avoid being excessive with the use of exclamation marks, all caps, or emojis. While we want our copy to be fun and engaging, we also want to avoid coming across as disingenuous.

Testimonials. Product reviews are incredibly powerful. Use the reviews you have, whether they come from influencers, customers, the media, or other sources, to your advantage. This type of content will boost reliability, as most customers are more likely to commit to a purchase when they see positive buzz from others, rather than the brand itself. There are various options that we recommend when it comes to incorporating testimonials into your creative. One option is to look at utilizing full User Generated Content, meaning images and review copy. We highly encourage you to consider taking advantage of UGC, as it comes at little to no cost to you, ties in a customer testimonial and will promote continued engagement as your customers want to be recognized by you. The other option is to insert the review as a subtle text overlay in your lifestyle image or video. Below is an example of how one of our clients took advantage of a user review, while also capitalizing on video.




While tackling creative is no easy feat, we’ve seen great success with our clients when putting our Creative Formula into practice and hope you do too. As tools and trends in the social space evolve, we continue to help our social clients set up creative strategies that drive success and optimize through testing. Looking for help refining your paid social strategy? Reach out to our Paid Social team, and let’s get creative! 


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