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Bi-Weekly News Digest on Digital Marketing – 11/10/20

Posted by Maureen Lomo on November 10, 2020

Election Results, Social Media, and Holiday Hype

After a historic presidential race, Joe Biden forged ahead as the new president-elect. Shortly after, many around the world joined in celebrating the outcome. What is yet to be seen is the effect on ecommerce. Meanwhile, we saw some updates in the social media world, as brands and retailers alike look to the holiday season for growth. Adlucent will help its partners understand and leverage any industry changes as the end of the year draws near. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, sign up for our email newsletter. 

How a Joe Biden presidency could impact brand marketing – MarketingDive

It is predicted that the more progressive administration will influence less radical advertising, as the previous administration spurred brands to take strong stances on essential issues like environmentalism and immigration. However, Biden is still considered moderate, so the upcoming administration may still face social pressures from progressives. It's a better setting for brands to further their impact on causes that matter to them, like some outdoor brands taking action for the environment.

"[T]he razor-thin line of acceptable political messaging brands have walked for four years is still there and potentially will be for years to come." One recent misstep from Gap included a half red, half blue sweatshirt image reminding the country to "move forward together" and caused instant backlash and a quick takedown of the post. Advertisers will need to remain aware of the disunity still sweeping the nation and use their messages wisely. 

TikTok Partners with Shopify on Social Commerce – TechCrunch

TikTok and Shopify have announced a partnership that will result in Shopify's more-than-one-million merchants reaching TikTok's younger consumer base. Through this partnership, Shopify merchants will be able to create, run, and manage TikTok campaigns from Shopify dashboards after downloading the TikTok app from the Shopify App Store. Then, merchants will have access to TikTok's Business Ad Manager tool to create shareable, targetable content for TikTok In-Feed video ads. Additionally, to help easily track conversions, merchants can also utilize the TikTok Pixel. 

Lastly, Shopify Merchants have several incentives to participate on the TikTok platform, including a $300 ad credit, participation in a co-branded Hashtag Challenge Plus campaign, and more. 

Basket Building: Creating Promotional Synergy Across Product Categories – Adlucent 

Recently, brand loyalty has decreased. Consumers are now more likely to try new products and brands, as availability, safety, and quality top their concerns. Since online shopping has increased, bringing with it heavy online competition and knowledge that customers are more likely to repeat purchases, turning clicks into conversions is of utmost importance. 

 Adlucent helps brands succeed by optimizing a brand's product campaign for orders by:

  1. Assessing average order value (AOV) and increasing the visibility of higher cost items
  2. Remarketing by building out customer lists based on those who have abandoned carts or previously purchased
  3. Analyzing the contents of an order. Past purchases often predict future ones and give insight into broader needs 

A diverse shopping basket increases the chances of repeat purchases. And, data from order reports can be utilized by Adlucent's Deep Search technology to identify and build on where categories already support each other to tailor diverse campaigns.

The Holidays Are Here. Where's the Consumer? – RetailDive

Less shopping this summer due to the pandemic has left some consumers with more cash to spend this holiday season. However, uncertainty about the holiday season continues. 

Consumer outlook is different. And, as shoppers look to minimize in-person shopping, ecommerce has grown. The boost in online shopping leads to more shipping, but more retailers are expanding BOPIS and curbside pickup as convenient options for customers.

Statistics show that safety precautions, cleanliness, mask-wearing, occupancy levels, social distancing, and finances are top concerns for consumers this holiday season. Even those consumers with extra cash from a less active summer have some financial anxiety. Also, the shift from stores and large gatherings has led to new purchasing trends. Attention has moved away from special occasion buying (party supplies or special outfits). Shoppers are focused on home life shopping for home improvement and cooking items, along with more casual attire, including the ubiquitous face mask.

E-Commerce Trends: Anticipating Consumers' Holiday Shopping Behavior – Advantage Digital Commerce

Advantage hosted a "Holiday 2020 E-Commerce Trends Webinar" with a panel of experts. Ecommerce trends that started during the pandemic –preparing and shopping earlier, stocking up on key items, and online gift shopping – are projected to continue into the holiday shopping season. Furthermore, this holiday season, smaller gatherings will be the norm, and with that shopping for more cleaning supplies than usual. Also, as expected, online shopping is on the rise before the holidays. More survey respondents said that they would shop Cyber Monday versus Black Friday.

The panel discussed the importance of social media in converting consumers into shoppers and other key takeaways, such as:

  • At-home dining for the smaller gatherings will drive grocery sales. 
  • This year, the customer grocery journey will begin online. 
  • However, there is concern about the availability of certain holiday ingredients. So, brands should communicate product status.
  • Due to increased competition, digital marketing investments will be key, especially spend on relevant and extremely targeted marketing that drives items to carts. 

The above overview highlights notable news amid the changing digital marketing landscape as concern over COVID-19 and other industry shifts continue to affect business nationwide. Keep visiting the Adlucent blog for ongoing information and updates.


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