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Bi-Weekly News Digest on Digital Marketing – 10/4/20

Posted by Maureen Lomo on October 5, 2020

The Latest in Digital Marketing News: Amazon to Holidays

The last couple of weeks have brought news ranging from the Amazon Prime Day announcement to social media and the holiday season. At the same time, key political figures, including the president, have tested positive for COVID-19. News continues to break, and the political and financial fallout is still imminent. Despite the ongoing effect on the markets and ecommerce, Adlucent is here to support its partner through these times, including keeping our audience abreast of the key articles relevant to digital marketing. To remain up-to-date as we publish the latest news, sign up for our email newsletter

Amazon's Prime Day 2020 will take place Oct. 13-14 – CNET

Amazon's Prime Day, the annual sales event usually held in mid-July, was postponed this year due to COVID-19. Though it benefited financially, Amazon, like many companies, was affected by the pandemic. The demand strained Amazon's operations, and as such, the highly anticipated cyber day was postponed. After improvements and ensuring the safety of its workers, the new date has been announced. Prime Day 2020 will be held Oct. 13 - 14. It's unclear how the late Prime Day date will affect holiday sales. Regardless, traditional retailers and smaller sellers on Amazon may see a boost in sales due to the highly anticipated day. 

Facebook Removes the 20% Text Limit on Ad Images – Search Engine Journal

Facebook has dropped its stringent "20% rule" limiting text on image ads to no more than 20%. Advertisers noticed when wordy ads were no longer being disapproved. Then, Facebook confirmed in communication with buyers. Furthermore, the Text Overlay Tool (which Facebook implemented to help users know if they complied with the rule) started redirecting. Now, users have noticed that the 20% guidance is referred to more as a best practice than an enforced rule. It is yet to be seen how including more text may impact ad distribution. 

Reimagining Store Design to Help Customers Better Navigate the Omni-Shopping Experience – Walmart

Walmart is reinventing its shopping experience with a digital focus to enable its shoppers to optimize the omnichannel shopping experience. At Walmart entrances, the Walmart app is forefront, and customers are encouraged to download the app while shopping. Inspired by airport wayfinding systems, the store design is more streamlined, and in-store customers are guided from phone to products via signage. Walmart also optimized product layout, spotlighting essential products. Walmart is currently piloting the design at certain stores and, after receiving positive feedback, plans to expand to nearly 1000 by the end of the next fiscal year.

5 Must-do Tactics When Advertising on YouTube – Advantage Solutions 

Advantage featured top YouTube insights from the Adlucent team. YouTube usage has skyrocketed lately, making it second only to Facebook in active monthly users worldwide (two billion). Now, the platform is recognized as a medium for brand advertisement, and there are five strategies brands can use to help ensure YouTube success. 1. Create a story. Tell a compelling story by evoking emotion and showing a product or service in action or how it can be utilized. 2. Guide consumers' next steps. Show consumers what to do next. Make sure to have a clear call for action in the messaging. 3. Contemplate all targeting options. YouTube offers an array of known targeting options, including Remarketing, CRM lists, and Detailed Demographics, and some possibly newer to marketers, such as Custom Intent, Custom Affinity, and Life Events. 4 Examine audience performance The Google Ads Audience Tab reveals key information like which audiences drive clicks and views. 5. Avoid low-performance snags in Custom Intent and Custom Affinity campaigns. Analyze ad placements for relevancy, and review ad phrases, keywords, and URLs to ensure there are no double meanings for custom audiences.

Will Customer Acquisition Be the Nightmare Before Christmas? – Retail Dive

The momentum in online sales activity driven by the pandemic has continued (even during the reopening of physical stores), making digital channels even more vital during the holidays. Smaller retailers and Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands already had issues with online customer acquisition, and this holiday season appears just as challenging. Engaging in a saturated online space is competitive and costly. John Liu, Senior Director at Adlucent, states, to compete with more experienced retailers, "Direct-to-consumer brands need to focus on nailing down their logistics this holiday, including shipping products so that they arrive on time and making sure items are in stock." (Other experts also include that brands should ensure a smooth return process.) Furthermore, Liu advises that brands spread marketing efforts throughout the season versus focusing on special days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The above overview highlights top news articles amid the changing digital marketing landscape as concern over COVID-19 and other industry shifts continue to affect business nationwide. Visit the Adlucent website for ongoing information and updates. 

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