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Bi-Weekly News Digest on Digital Marketing – 08/16/20

Posted by Maureen Lomo on August 17, 2020

New Social Media Features, Familial Connections, and DTC Make Headlines

The August heat has reflected a fiery political climate as a historic presidential race has usurped (at least temporarily) talk about economic relief and high COVID-19 rates. Through the current turbulence, the experts at Adlucent can help navigate the ecommerce and digital marketing landscape.

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Facebook Adds New Sponsored Post Options for Groups – Social Media Today

Facebook is offering another means for group admins to monetize the communities they've built - through sponsored posts. The sponsored post will be labeled "Paid Partnership" and is a tool available for public groups with over 1,000 members. The sponsored content mutually benefits advertisers and group admins. Brands get placement directly in front of specific and engaged audiences, while the group leaders can monetize their community management. Furthermore, sponsored posts give brands access to a multitude of (about one billion) Facebook group members and an additional method to interact with them.


Pinterest Improves and Expands its Skin Tone Search Feature – The Verge

Pinterest has updated its skin tone feature to be more prominent on the platform and inclusive of its users.

The feature, which uses machine vision, has been available in the US since 2018 and is now available in the UK, Canada, etc. Through this tool, users can get content specific to their aesthetics, resulting in more refined and accurate search results. Features like this, which mimic the in-store experience, will be crucial to success as shopping in person remains limited.

Moms and Daughters Are Closer Than Ever Since the Pandemic Began – Adweek

Due to more time at home and technology like Tik Tok, the pandemic has brought on a generational convergence and a new type of mother/daughter relationship. This cross-generational connection has impacted mothers' buying decisions, as they move away from general consumer goods and more toward products that help facilitate interpersonal relations. Survey results reflect this sentiment, with over half of the respondents citing stronger family bonds and closer mother/daughter relationships due to the lockdown. However, these connections have yet to be fully reflected in the media, leading to potential marketing opportunities. 

How Will DTC Rebound After The COVID Retail Shakeup? – Retail TouchPoints

Many wondered how DTC (direct to consumer) would fare during the economic shutdowns brought on by COVID-19, especially since the industry showed signs of overextension. COVID-19 accelerated the fall of weaker DTC brands already stretched from debt and a reliance on a supply chain and capital from China. Even DTC brands successful against established omni-channel competitors saw sales declines when the pandemic hit. Though previous economic relief stimulated spending and helped the industry, the future remains uncertain.

For DTC companies to improve their outlook and remain profitable, they should assess their supply chain, advertising, and digital technology – and make them more efficient. Also, consumers are becoming more savvy and sensitive to social issues; therefore, DTC brands should ensure their products remain superior and that brand messaging is empathetic and reflective of our changing times. 

The above overview highlights important news amid the changing digital marketing landscape as concern over COVID-19 and other industry shifts continue to affect business nationwide. Visit the Adlucent website for ongoing information and updates. 


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