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2021 Pinterest Trends for Advertisers

Posted by Cheryl Kinoshita on February 23, 2021

If you're trying to grow a brand, then you're likely aware of Pinterest's role in the consumer's journey. But did you know that Pinterest users grew 37% last year? The platform is experiencing record engagement with 440 million active users, many of whom are searching for inspiration when deciding what to buy. 

Pinterest is often where buyers begin their purchase journey. The platform offers unique touchpoints for Pinners browsing or searching for ideas, such as Pin close-ups & saves, making it an interactive shopping destination while discovering new brands. 

Because Pinners are planners, retailers with an active presence on the platform have the distinct opportunity to influence a consumer early in the buying cycle. This is often when users are planning for a "moment" around a seasonal or life event. Moments range from traditional, like a new home or upcoming holiday, to unique, like 'winter cozy' or 'backyard bar', allowing retailers to align their products with Pinners' characteristic planning cycles throughout the year.  

Several brands have yet to add Pinterest to their marketing mix, which explains why Pinterest is a content-deficient platform – there's more demand for content than supply. This demand is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to capture new customers or nurture existing ones – especially if your products align with Pinterest's forecasts and trends

How can a retailer add Paid Pins to their marketing mix? 

The platform itself provides various resources to inform targeting strategy and creative approach. These resources and guides allow Pinterest to take the guesswork out of what's trending and let your team focus on cultivating the best creative for your goals. Whether your campaign objective is to drive product discovery or capture purchase intent, Pinterest insights provide campaigns with the performance traction marketers love to see.

Do you want your Pin catalog to be aesthetically profound with a commercial appeal? Leverage the 2021 Pinterest Predicts Report to read about which creative strategies are converting users across many product categories.

For example, Food & Drink related terms are the most popular category on Pinterest. Pinners are continuing to stay at home and get creative in the kitchen. The top trends that are growing are "Epic charcuterie" and "You're the top chef." Users' searches are up YoY for "breakfast charcuterie" +5x and "gourmet food plating" +105%. Using this information is a great way to display products that include server ware, bar, cookware, etc.

We will continue to spend most of our time at home in 2021. Users will search for ways to decorate their space with vibey lights, Japandi aesthetic, gallery walls, and recreating rooms. For example, "Neon room" +8x, "minimalist bathroom design" +4x, "colored glassware" +135%, and "office ideas" +2x. 

Check out these predictions for 2021 and utilize them to unlock opportunities on Pinterest. With Pinterest continuing to grow its active user base and expanding its capabilities, make sure you are here before your competitors. 

If you'd like to learn more about how your business can leverage Pinterest to drive ROAS & incremental business results, schedule a free consultation with our team today!

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