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How A Major Retailer Squeezed More From Their Search Program

Posted by Christin Evans on April 19, 2018

We can talk at length about how to create the digital program of your dreams—and we often do.  But we bet that you’ll find it more useful to see how an actual Adlucent client gets it done. If you learn best by example, read on to see three tips that helped one of our clients, a major department store chain, make paid search their top performing channel during the 2017 holiday season.  

Tip #1: Get Personal
It’s important for brands to separate themselves from their competitors and rise above the noise.  Personalization plays a key role in differentiating your offering and earning the attention of consumers.  Our client understood this and wanted to become more thoughtful with their advertising tactics during the 2017 Cyber Week and December holiday season.  Working with our client, we created audience-specific ads by designing a custom formula that served tailored ad copy to defined audiences through Google’s Customer Match solution.  Leveraging this tactic, our client was able to show ads to their consumers based on data about those consumers.  It allowed them to become more performance-focused with an ad that resonated among high-value audiences.

This strategy paid off.  Thanksgiving Day 2017 generated a 16.8% growth in revenue YoY for our client.

Tip #2: Let your Shopping Program Shine
This retailer knew how impactful Product Listing Ads could be but they weren’t maximizing their program.  Working with Adlucent, they began to reallocate spend from lower performing channels to their Shopping Program.  Well ahead of the holiday season, we implemented a query-level product architecture that allowed us to serve the right product for each query, improving our odds of getting the click and the sale.

With their Shopping Program in tip-top shape, paid search became their top performing marketing channel during the 2017 Cyber week.  Taking advantage of this growth, the retailer exceeded their December holiday goals, too—with their PLAs outperforming December 2016 by one million dollars in revenue.

Tip #3: Build a Strong Partnership With Your Agency
This may sound obvious, but it’s so important to the success of your program.  Ask your agency for access to the latest search alphas and betas, inquire about their latest testing methodologies, and find new ways to get more from your program. By collaborating together, we were able to test and optimize across our client’s program and come up with unique solutions that helped to make their 2017 holiday a success. By working together, we’ve been able to grow search revenue by an average of 120% for five years.

Do you have some tips that you have found to be helpful?  Share them in the comments below.

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