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Data Wars: Information’s Role in the New Era of Advertising

Posted by Andrea McFarling on May 9, 2018

Data privacy is in the spotlight once again. Thanks in part to the media coverage surrounding Facebook’s recent Congressional hearings and the upcoming GDPR deadline, consumers are more aware of their digital data than ever before.

But while consumers are more data conscious, a recent survey we conducted of more than 1100 U.S. individuals shows they’re not necessarily more data concerned. In fact, when it comes to data, consumers care more about personalization than they do privacy.

Our latest report, Data Wars, provides an in-depth look at information’s role in the new era of advertising. Among the findings:

  • Personalization is now table stakes for brand success. 7 out of 10 consumers prefer content and advertising that is tailored to their personal interests and shopping habits. But more importantly, they’re putting the pressure on brands to deliver, with 60% of today’s consumers expecting brands to provide relevant online experiences. 
  • Shoppers are willing to give brands information access in exchange for relevance. Consumers are willing to pony up a wide array of information ranging from name and email address to product preferences and updates on major life updates in order to get the personalized experiences they want. Interestingly, when compared to our 2016 report, consumers showed an increased willingness to share information across every data category. View the full list.
  • Tailored ads drive brand impact throughout the customer journey. In the war for consumer mind and wallet share, personalization is proving key for success. Shoppers report that tailored content not only improves their perception of a brand, but also makes them up to 40% more likely to engage with ads and more likely to purchase.
  • Consumers expect transparency. While shoppers are willing to share, a resounding 96% of consumers want brands to be more transparent about the collection and use of their personal data.

Want more detail on the who, what and where of personalized advertising? Be sure to check out the full report for in-depth analysis on these insights and more.

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