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Adlucent’s Focus on Performance Extends Beyond the Office

Posted by Carolina Wimmer on April 2, 2018

At Adlucent, we remain focused on maintaining a strong culture that’s aligned with our Better Every Day philosophy. While we’re committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients, we also enjoy a little friendly competition outside of the office. A week ago Adlucites brought their signature friendly but fierce competitive nature to Adlucent’s second annual “POD Olympics,” an “athleisure” tournament where teams go head-to-head in a series of events.

Divided up into teams based on Pods (Pods are teams within Adlucent aligned with a certain specialty or department), Adlucites spent the afternoon competing in heated events for the titles, and year-long bragging rights, of 2018 PodOlympic Champions and Most Spirited Pod. With athletic ability and creativity as their biggest assets, teams battled it out in events that included corn hole, a three-legged race, flip cup, and water balloons.

Just like in the real Olympics, our Pod Olympics started with an opening ceremony, where each team performed their own chants, poems and interpretive dances. With no restrictions other than a 20-second time limit, they flexed their creative muscles to put on a show that introduced their teams and intimidated theirrivals. Clever team names like “PODdy in the USA” and “Harry PODder and the Prisoner of Deep Search” set the bar high, and team stunts took the competition to new heights (...pun intended)!


After the ceremony, the tournament kicked off with the first event: The Relay Race. A multiple step race, this event required full team participation and concentration. Made up of classic and not-so-classic components like a three-leggedrace and solving a kids puzzle after five spins on the dizzy bat, the relay was anything but easy. A close race that came down to the wire, “Harry PODder and the Prisoner of Deep Search” took the first win of the day.

The Olympic competition continued with intense games of flip cup and corn hole. Being the strategic thinkers that we are, every Pod made sure to assign team members to the events that played to their greatest strengths. With underdogs taking on favored winners, the competition was fierce, and the Pod Olympic Champions trophy stayed up for grabs until the very end.

While we all like to think of ourselves as winners, team “TBDs” impressive performance earned them the 2018 Pod Olympics Champions title. With a great show of comradery and team spirit, Adlucent judges awarded team “aPODcalypse” the Most Spirited Pod award.


Some teams did end the day with trophies and bragging rights, the biggest reward that came out of the 2018 Pod Olympics was the friendly conversation that happened over pizza, drinks and the healthy dose of competition. In the end, every Pod is a part of the Adlucent team and that’s the biggest win for us all! ...But for those teams seeking to avenge their loss, there’s always next year!


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