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Spooky Ads That Go Bump in the Night (And the Adlucent Halloween Contest)

Posted by Christin Evans on Oct 30, 2017

Halloween can be a frightful time. There are scary movies on TV, your neighbor’s house is decorated like a graveyard full of zombies, your kid wants to dress up like the clown from "It" and your digital ads are horrifying consumers with off-target, incorrect placements.  We agree, the last scenario is the most terrifying! Receiving an off-target ad when a shopper searches online is enough to send them to your competitors with no hope of return.

At Adlucent, we found some frightful Halloween ads on Google to remind us of the importance of proper feed optimization and product architecture.  

First, let’s take a look at the spooky ad at the far right displaying a basic waiter tray...but our search was “halloween serving tray.”  Boo!, the ad at the very right has nothing to do with Halloween. This retailer should make better use of query negation.

Next up, we searched for “halloween themed candy” and were spooked by the result in the ad spot at the very right. You don’t want to get between us and our candy corn so we recommend leaving the candy ads for actual candy. Candy and candy bags should be kept in separate ad groups in order to create negatives that don’t affect both categories.  We need a proper PLA hero to swoop in and fix their product matching.

Our last feature left the room cold, drafty, and made us look twice over our shoulders. We searched for “halloween decorations” and screeched when we saw the ad in the middle right promoting a woman’s poncho. While we love a festive skeleton poncho, it doesn’t quite align with the “decoration” category. Don’t worry, Adlucent’s Deep Search can help you quickly spot and negate these offenders.

We know that your advertising program is your own special Frankenstein.  You created it, you work hard to make it better, you’ve invested a substantial amount of money into it, and you take pride in the end result.  That’s why at Adlucent we stress the importance of tidying up your feed to ensure products are matching to the most relevant queries.  When possible, we also recommend using negatives to ensure you’re excluding terms you don’t want your product to show up for. It’s important that you avoid a digital fright fest like any of the examples above, as you risk losing credibility with consumers when they see your advertisements missing the mark.

And if these ads haven’t left you hiding under your bed, then you haven’t seen the winner of the annual Adlucent company Halloween Costume Contest.  Each year, Adlucites flex their creative muscles and come up with the most impressive Halloween costumes west of Transylvania.  And this year was no exception.  Put your hands together for the Adlucent Halloween Costume Contest winner for 2017, Eyad as Madonna! He took us away to "La Isla Bonita" with his take on the Material Girl.  Happy Halloween y’all!

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