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Seven Easy Ways to Expand Your Product Feed

Posted by Holly Pauzer on July 14, 2016

While retailers spend a large amount of time managing and optimizing their product feed, they often overlook one giant opportunity—expanding the list of eligible products. That’s right, you may not be showing ads for all of your eligible products. It’s a quick and easy way to drive new conversions, so let’s take a look at seven ways to leverage opportunities to grow your product feed.

1.) Fill in gaps between Search and PLA
Search and PLA go hand in hand, so ensure that top products sold via search text ads are also being advertised via Product Listing Ads.

2.) Promote storefront top sellers
Address any gaps between top products sold in stores and your product feed by ensuring that top selling items in-store are included in your feed and sufficiently promoted via Product Listing Ads.

3.) Create geo-targeted campaigns for products with location restrictions
Add products that have geographic restrictions to your feed by creating geo-targeted campaigns. Some products can only be sold within a certain number of miles around a physical store location due to manufacturer agreements or store shipping policies, and by creating geo-targeted campaigns you can include them in your feed to promote within the specified geographic radius of a retail store.

4.) Fix quality issues
Identify products that are in the feed but are not showing for PLAs due to poor feed quality. This means they don’t meet Google’s requirements. Simply correcting the feed issues will allow these products to show for relevant queries.

5.) Promote top sellers from other digital channels
Know what your top selling items are via other digital channels such as organic search and social media and ensure they are included in your product feed and sufficiently promoted.

6.) Take advantage of the Google Shopping Assortment Report
Identify and add products that are not currently included in the feed because they are new, were overlooked at some point, or you simply haven’t thought to carry that item before. Leverage the Google Shopping Assortment Report to help identify new products to carry, as well as to identify key products that may be missing from your feed.

Assortment Report

7.) Utilize inventory management
Inventory management should be used to keep a pulse on top performers that may be sold out or no longer offered, and adjust the feed accordingly.

Since the goal of product ads is to get your products in front of as many customers as possible, make sure to promote your PLAs on platforms beyond Google Shopping. Within Google’s properties, this includes Gmail, YouTube, image search, and on third-party retailer sites using AdSense for Shopping.

Also, expand beyond Google to reach all potential customers across channels and publishers on the web. With minor tweaks to your product feed, you can take advantage of product ad opportunities on others channels such as Bing Product Ads, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, and comparison shopping engines (CSEs).

Do you have any feed expansion tips that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!

Also, don’t forget to download a copy of our latest PLA best practice piece, 14 Ways to Optimize Your Product Feed Like a Pro.

14 Ways to Optimize your Product Feed

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